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Facedown Records - Something Worth Fighting For

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Band: Various
Title: Something Worth Fighting For (CD/DVD)
Label: Facedown Records
Review By: JoshIVM



01. Means “These Are The Words”
02. War Of Ages “Absence Of Fear”
03. xDeathstarx “Burn Everything”
04. Bloodlined Calligraphy “Frienemies”
05. Comeback Kid “Step Ahead”
06. Seventh Star “Now At Hand”
07. Inked In Blood “Lest I Sleep The Sleep Of Death”
08. Sleeping Giant “The Power Of Prayer”
09. No Innocent Victim “Set Apart”
10. xLooking Forwardx “All Aces”
11. Nodes Of Ranvier “Dolores”
12. Symphony In Peril “Stiletto”
13. Flee The Seen “I’ll Be Back On Sunday”
14. ALove For Enemies “Not Without Incident”
15. Immortal Souls “Sacrifice”
16. The Deal “The Great Deception”
17. Overcome “Resurgence Of Souls”
18. Ceasefire “Buried Alive”
19. Figure Four “So Much More”
20. One 21 “Runaway”
21. Bloody Sunday “The Stand”
22. Indwelling “Famine”
23. Dodgin’ Bullets “Tomorrow The World Will Change Forever”
24. Anchor “Anchor”
25. Point Of Recognition “No One Gets Out Alive”
26. Born Blind “Relight”
27. Persevere “Through It All”
28. Phanatik “Forgiveness”
29. Falling Cycle “Untitled 1”
30. Falling Cycle “Untitled 2”
31. This Runs Through “Drowning Insecurities With The Beauty Of Design”
32. This Runs Through “Writing Books And Changing Lives”


Music Videos:

01. War Of Ages “Strength Within”
02. Nodes Of Ranvier “Glass Half Nothing”
03. Means “Connected”
04. ALove For Enemies “Tread On My Dreams”
05. Inked In Blood “Lest I Sleep The Sleep Of Death”
06. Seventh Star “The Seventh Star”
07. Bloodlined Calligraphy “Last Goodbye”
08. Jesus Wept “Broken Crown”
09. Flee The Seen “Wire Tap Out”
10. Within “If This Means Death”
11. Seventh Star “Resistance To Resistance”
12. ALove For Enemies “Hour Of Decision”
13. War Of Ages “Stand Your Ground”
14. Nodes Of Ranvier “The Dawning Age”
15. Comeback Kid “Die Tonight”

Facedown Fest 2005:

01. xLooking Forwardx “xLFx”
02. xLooking Forwardx “All Fun, No Fights”
03. Jesus Wept “Thank God There’s More To Life Than This”
04. Jesus Wept “Sick City”
05. Bloody Sunday “The Curse”
06. The Deal “10 Cent Unity”
07. The Deal “Rise Up”
08. No Innocent Victim “Never Face Defeat”
09. No Innocent Victim “My Beliefs”
10. ALove For Enemies “The Harvest”
11. ALove For Enemies “Broken Pledge”
12. Seventh Star “Every Day”
13. Seventh Star “Take It Back”
14. Inked In Blood “Where The Enemy Sleeps”
15. Nodes Of Ranvier “The Butcher, The Baker…”
16. Nodes Of Ranvier “Don’t Blink (Or We May Miss It)
17. Symphony In Peril “For Now We See Dimly…”
18. Symphony In Peril “The Whore’s Trophy”
19. Seventh Star “Represent”
20. ALove For Enemies “Holding On By A Thread”

Facedown Records have turned 10 years old this year and my have they come a long way! From the first release, a 7inch split with No Innocent Victim and Phanatik to “Something Worth Fighting For” they’ve seen quite a few releases. This package seeks and succeeds to cover all of Facedown’s past and performs that task better than I had expected. There are two parts to the package, one is the music on CD and the second is the DVD.

The CD goes backwards in time starting with Means and their track “These Are The Words”. As opposed to many compilations this disc actually has a wise choice in tracks. They’re not always my favorite tracks from the discs but they’re not bad choices either. The best parts are the rare, unreleased tracks it offers such as the two from This Runs Through, two from Falling Cycle, as well as a couple from the early 7 inch records they released. For those of you that are unfamiliar TRT is Spencer (Underoath) and Phil (Sullivan) Chamberlain’s original band. I had the pleasure of promoting a show for these guys years ago and was really excited that Facedown picked them up. The band had all the songs from the debut written but Spencer landed the Underoath job. Falling Cycle was another Facedown band with a lot of potential that broke up before they could really break. Anyways, it’s really hard to find anyone with these tracks anymore (they were on myspace and a sampler), not to mention that a bunch of the discs covered here are Out Of Print.

Andy Reale handled a bunch of the videos as well as the Facedown Fest editing and DVD menu layout. The DVD looks great! Included are all of Facedown’s music videos from War Of Ages “Strength Within” back to Comeback Kid’s “Die Tonight”. There are another 13 videos as well to check out. I happen to be a big fan of owning the music videos, no not from iTunes, but high quality copies for DVD or back in the day VHS. Yes, I still have those Tooth & Nail VHS’ and I watch them. On top of that we have plenty of footage from the 2005 Facedown Fest. Facedown has been releasing DVD’s since 2003 from the fests and they were nice enough to include that in the package. There’s footage from xLooking Forwardx, Jesus Wept, Nodes Of Ranvier, Seventh Star, and Symphony In Peril. There’s a total of 20 live videos for your viewing pleasure.

They are selling all of this for a mere $10? It’s a great deal even if you only like half of the bands they’ve had. It’s simply a must-have for any collector! This could have been a simple compilation CD but Facedown had a great sense of mind to make this a much more complete package. The 20 page booklet contains some cool photos as well as a 2 page history written by Jason. I couldn’t encourage you guys more to go and pick up this set, introduce yourself and your friends to some new bands and some old ones, watch some cool videos, and be thankful that we have a label like Facedown!

Overall Rating: I only gave it a 9 out of 10 because in any compilation you’ll wish they gave you more of your favorite songs. However, this is a must have for any Facedown fans and anyone looking to learn more about there bands for a rock bottom price! Buy a copy of this now! (9/10)

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