Album Review :
Exiting the Fall - Windchaser

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Artist: Exiting the Fall

Title: Windchaser

Label: Unsigned

Release Date: 11/1/2013

Reviewer: Scott Swan


  1. Windchaser
  2. All I Hate
  3. Deathwish
  4. Kingdom
  5. Better Days
  6. Lazarus
  7. Interalize
  8. Oh, Great Captain
  9. Circles
  10. Father

Hailing from Boston, we take a look at a very impressive independent post-hardcore release from Exiting the Fall. Even though the band has been flying under the radar a bit,  I was pleased to find an album definitely worthy of more buzz.

They bring a sound that fits comfortably within the confines of the genre, but certainly isn’t boring or lifeless. Windchaser features chunky guitars that often breakout into a nice groove that provides a pleasing movement and counterpoint rhythm. Songs melodically rise and fall in intensity and do a good job of keeping the listener’s attention. They do feature the standard trading off of clean/heavy vocals that are well done, but doesn’t feel the least bit clumsy. I don’t know if they are breaking new ground with this release, but what they do, they do really well. The production quality sounds great for an independent release, and you can certainly hear the talent and musical chops. Their faith is very evident with clear-cut lyrics that are well thought out and hits home. I really feel their sound and passion could easily put these guys in the mix with some of the established top label bands some day.

The title track portrays a man struggling to leave their old life of sin and submitting to God to help find their new identity in Christ. The song perfectly sets the musical tone for the album. The opener leads right into “All I Hate” which exposes someone (or a group of people) for being judgmental and Pharisee-like. Instrumentally a heavy song throughout.

The song “Kingdom” speaks of the perils of living selfishly and building a life on things that are empty. “I’ve dug my feet in the sand; mistook it for solid ground again. What are my words to you?/ And I’ve made my promises and I’ve seen them fall to the ground. / This kingdom I have built falls now to the ground.” Kingdom features a high usage of clean vocals, but you can really hear the sense of surrender the song invokes. The tune “Lazuras”, as you might expect, touches on bringing back to life that which is dead. Calling on God to breath life into dry bones to live again. This song ends with the powerful shouts of “These dry bones, live again! By my breath, breathe again!” Reminding us all that we are only truly alive in Christ.

“Circles” is a standout track for me. Lyrically focusing on running into the traps of how society tells us who we should be and how we are to find happiness. It also features some of the best guitar and bass work on the album. Closing out the work is “Father,” a quite, entirely acoustic piece asking God questions and wanting to find holiness. I didn’t feel this song to be out-of-place or just a token acoustic track stuck on the end. I felt the tune finished out the album with a quiet passion that compliments the whole work.

Overall: For fans of the hardcore genre, Exiting the Fall’s latest release is certainly worth your time and ear. I hope that with future releases they will only continue to grow and push their talents. This might just be the start of great things from a band that is not well-known, but if Windchaser is any indication, they may not be flying under the radar for long.

RIYL: Life in Your Way, Wolves at the Gate, Mouth of the South