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Every New Day - Even In The Darkest Places

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Band: Every New Day
Title: Even In The Darkest Places
Label: Hand Of Hope
Release Date: 8/22/06
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. Best Defenses
02. Transparency
03. Rise Up
04. Colder
05. Silent Streets
06. See You Again
07. Eye To Eye
08. Mark This Day
09. Tomorrow
10. Demons Among Us
11. Walk Alone


Murray Campbell: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Scott Campbell: Bass, Vocals
Matt Colonval: Drums

Every New Day caught my eye a few years back now. I read a small article on them online and decided to give them a shot. What I found was a band who picked up the torch from Thrice, when they changed their sound up. Quick guitar work, powerful vocals, and overall upbeat tunes. Every New Day is a band who’s influences are clear, but are able to present themselves as a separate entity. This sophmore effort is light years beyond their debut for Hand Of Hope, and still a clear progression from it. The band is tighter, faster, and more mature in their writing.

Rampaging guitar, thick bass, and pounding drums leave you no room to prepare yourself for what END is bringing. “Let’s break this painful silence”, the opening line of “Best Defenses”, is something they are extremely gifted at doing. “Transparency” also shows off Murray’s abilities on his guitar, while being backed by the solid rhythm sections. “Silent Streets” embraces you with a graceful piano line before unleashing another great work of art. The verses in it (“Silent Streets”) are quiet, employing sporatic guitar work. The brisk pace is kept throughout but what stood out to me particularly was the bridge and chorus (complete with gang vocals of “oh oh oh’s”). “Eye To Eye” has more of a metal feel and a harder approach. Even the vocals are a bit more gruff, and when mixed with Murray’s clean sung vocals, are a perfect fit.

Two guest vocalists show up on the album. Travis of The Divine Romance (Harvest Earth) appears on “Colder” and Scott of Comeback Kid (Victory) lends his help on “Walk Alone”. Travis’ vocals are clearly noticeable because of their harsher, raspy tones and serve to enhance the feel of the track as he backs up Murray. “Walk Alone” has a punk drum beat, reminiscent of Slick Shoes. The pace is brisk and never lets up until the song moves into a piano outro bringing the album to a close.

Standout Tracks: “Best Defenses”, “Colder”, “Silent Streets”

Overall Rating: Probably one of the more talented trio’s out there the band showcases their musical gifts often. Murray’s guitar is a highlight as usual. It does bring me back to listening to the older Thrice albums, and once again hearing a band using incredible guitar work, usually set aside for metal albums, is a great thing! You must check this album out and when you do, you’ll be hooked with it’s irresistable appeal!

Individual Ratings:

Album Art/Design: The cover is a man in a monk’s outfit holding a burning candle. As you open the booklet the scene stretches out with a bunch more burning candles. The inside contains band members pictures in ghostlike form.

Lyrics:Well written lyrics. They will cause you to think about the true meanings and what Murray is attempting to convey. [All Lyrics Included]

Marketability: So much possibility for this band. Their ability to cover widespead genres will certainly help them gain more fans. I’d like to see them end up on some great tours where they belong. I would highly recommend for everyone to see them if you get the chance.

Production: Far better production than the debut. The vocals at times sound a bit like a computer which is a bit annoying, but you have to pay attention to notice.

Vocals: Murray’s vocals are lower than other vocalists in similar hardcore influence bandsand feel raw which helps keep the emotion level on the same level with the stampeding music. The backup vocals are tight and harmonize well. The harsher screaming fits much better this time around and are utilized sporatically throughout the album.

Similar To: Thrice, Comeback Kid

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