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Every Man For Himself - Te Pae Mahutonga - The Southern Cross

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Band: Every Man For Himself
Title: Te Pae Mahutonga – The Southern Cross
Label: Deadboy Records
Release Date: May 24, 2010
Review By: Steve
Track Listing:
1. View From The Bottom Looking Up
2. Waiora (Environmental Protection)
3. Mauriora (Cultural Identity)
4. Until The Lions Lear To Record Their Own History, The Tales Of Hunting Will Always Glorify The Hunter
5. Toiora (Healthy Lifestyles)
6. Te Oranga (Participation In Society)
7. Oranges
8. Te Mana Whakahaere (Autonomy)
9. Nga Manukura (Leadership)
10. Where Tyre Meets Road
11. A View From A Step Upwards, Looking Forward

New Zealand is staring to become a hotbed of metal/hardcore acts. I do not know if it is something in the water or what but recently some good bands have come out of those islands. We were first treated to an excellent album from Saving Grace and now I had the pleasure of listening to this brutal band, Every Man For Himself.

Every Man For Himself is a five-piece metalcore act out of New Zealand. They are releasing their first full-length album on Deadboy Records on May 24th. I have to say that a band from half way around the world that not too many people in the U.S. have heard, these guys are quite good and refreshing for metalcore. I was expecting just another generic metalcore act but was pleasantly surprised. Musically, this album is very brutal. These guys do not take one track off. As well as your typical metalcore elements, Every Man For Himself throws a little grind in there which spices it up a little and makes them a little unique. The production/mixing could have been a little better. At times, it seems the vocals wash out the music a bit especially the drums. I really liked the guitar work on the album and the bursting riffs in “Toiora (Healthy Lifestyle)” are probably my favorite on the album.

The vocals on this album are very good and probably my favorite part of the album. Aaron Naea has some brutal pipes. He has those deep guttural growls that I have really come to love. In addition to his growls, Aaron throws in some higher screams and spoken vocals, which blend in very well. All around the vocals are excellent on this album. Lyrically this album has many socially conscious themes such as: the environment, greed, and society in general.

Some tracks of interest are “Toiora (Healthy Lifestyle)” and “Where Tyre Meets Road.” My Favorite Track is “Toiora” because of it sheer brutality and it has some of the better riffs on the album. It made me want to start breaking stuff in my house. And as far as “Where Tyre Meets Road, I love the lyrical content of taking action in life and not being complacent. Aaron growls, “There is a solution for each of us. / Something worth striving for just out of our reach. / But knowing is not half of the battle won, and words count for little without the backing of action. / Where the tyre meets road is where the change is made. / Where the battle is won or lost. / In the days toil. / In the mud, is where the battle is won or lost.”

Overall: this album is brutal from start to finish. There are no clean vocals on this album nor does this album need it. Every Man For Himself has a unique blend of metalcore that is refreshing and have put out a solid debut full-length.  I highly suggest you guys check these guys out and support their music. The physical CD wont be released in the U.S. anytime soon and the band is unclear on whether the album will be available in the U.S. iTunes store.

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