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Erika Soto - Wonderfully Made

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Artist: Erika Soto
Album: Wonderfully Made
Label: None (released independently)
Release Date: April 2, 2008
Reviewer: Eric Pettersson

1. Wonderfully
2. Streetlights & Roads
3. 1,000 Goodbyes
4. Sustained
5. Home
6. Worth

If anyone from Sparrow Records (maybe even those working on SixStepRecords) reads this site, pay close attention to Erika Soto, as she could easily be your next worthwhile signee. Big words, I know, but I stand by them. Now let me tell you why. Because this Californian indie-folk singer-songwriter was able to work with low-budget production and still create lush soundscapes that smoothly blend an acoustic guitar base with layered strings of sweeping electric guitar riffs. Her delicate and thoughtful lyrics deal with life experiences in a way that always go back to being loved by God and living in the closeness of God’s friendship. While things get a little weak on the second half of this EP, it’s nothing a good producer and better recording couldn’t fix. Soto’s music also has that transcendent appeal that could get her the “in” with fans of quiet indie-rock along with fans of larger acts like Bethany Dillon or Jeff Deyo. If after all this you’re not convinced, that’s fine. Give the disc a listen for yourself. Just remember, if you don’t sign her, someone else will, and five or ten years down the road, you’ll be sorry you missed the chance.


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