Album Review :
Endeverance - Serenade of Lost Hearts

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Artist: Endeverance
Album: Serenade of Lost Hearts
Label: None (released independently)
Release Date: August 30, 2007
Review by: Eric Pettersson

1. Surgery by Heartache
2. Apologies
3. Hard to Breathe
4. Cry of a Broken Home
5. Serenade of Lost Hearts
6. Heart Whispers Grace
7. Relinquish the Doubt
8. Trying to Last the Winter
9. Crimson Eyes
10. Waiting for Something
11. Love in Forgiveness

Despite the slightly overdone emo song names and overall appearance of the band and packaging, Endeverance manage to put out a sound with substance, catchy and heart-driven songs in the emo-rock genre with lyrical themes that usually center on God’s healing of our pain and suffering through his grace and Christ’s death on the cross. The guitars and driving and melodic in that powerful and classic Anberlin, Forever Changed, Kids in the Way sort of fashion, with little or no screaming. The vocals are strong and sharp with a smooth but earnest feeling. While referencing CS Lewis is almost always a good thing, saying “a grief observed” in one song and “the problem of pain” in another came out sounding a bit forced to me. However, the music is enjoyable and there is something meaningful to take from the words for those going through hard times.



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