Album Review :
Emery- "I'm Only A Man"

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Band: Emery
Album Title: I’m Only A Man
Label: Tooth and Nail Records
Release Date: 10/02/07
Review by: Nate

  1. Rock-N-Rule
  2. The Party Song
  3. World Away
  4. After The Devil Beats His Wife
  5. Can’t Stop The Killer
  6. Story About A Man With A Bad Heart
  7. Don’t Bore Us, Get To The Chorus
  8. What Makes A Man A Man
  9. The Movie Song
  10. You Think You’re Nickel Slick (But I Got
    Your Penny Change)
  11. From Crib To Coffin


8.5 out of 10

A legacy “Tooth and Nail legacy” is what some would call Emery. From a surprising “first” record that struck gold immediately with people. At the time emo was the word and Emery brought it and their screaming music way past bands like Hawthorne Heights. While leaving emo in their past, Emery chose to produce their music in a more professional way. This lead to the ground-breaking sophomore album, “The Question”. After touring a bunch and releasing a special edition of “The Question” and A LOT of waiting, Emery has released their third full-length, “I’m Only A Man”.

The first thought that comes to mind about this CD is “its different”. But that really doesn’t do the album justice. It’s different in many unique ways. Lets start with saying that there is less screaming. A lot less screaming. Without asking why, it forces many listeners to change their perspective of Emery.

Rock-N-Rule, being the hardest song on the album, opens up with a surprise singing from Devin. The song seems to have more yelling than screaming but holds up very well as the album opener. The Party Song seems to be the closest song to “The Question” that the album holds. Just for that, I enjoy that song very much. World Away is another surprise song that sounds it’s slow, catchy tunes with a clean (non-distorted) guitar in the background. Can’t Stop the Killer is another slow song on the disc that gives out its very blunt and meaningful lyrics to the listener. Although the lyrics are very good, the rough mixing in throughout the album is may very apparent during this song.

And yes. There IS rough mixing. Emery choose to track a lot of the album using single tracks and not of layering of guitar and vocals, thus giving a more rough, demo-ish feel to the CD.

There are some other odd parts of the CD including the Queen-like intro to Don’t Bore Us, Get To The Chorus. Which I am still trying to get used to. Another notable track, The Movie Song, which sounds off its catching intro and chorus as well, kind of bring me back to the sounds of “The Question”. You Think Your A Nickel Slick is basically (if you haven’t heard already) Death to Inconvenience with some major verse changes to the lyrics.

With all this said, Emery’s new disc is something new. Something Different. But its something good. It may take a few days for you to shrug off the fact that Emery can actually make good music that doesn’t involve screaming and layered verses and breath taking mixes. I solute Emery in some sense, for making something that was unexpected and expiremental, and yet did it well.

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