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Elevation Worship - Nothing is Wasted EP

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Artist: Elevation Worship
Title: Nothing is Wasted EP
Label: Essential Worship
Release Date: 12/18/12
Reviewer: Jonathan Andre


  1. Open Up Your Eyes (Live)
  2. Nothing is Wasted (Live)
  3. Open Up Your Eyes (Studio)
  4. Nothing is Wasted (Studio)

‘…we have seen God do the impossible in our church time and time again, and we consider it such an honour to give voice through these songs to the great things He has done. Our prayer is that all who hear this project will be inspired to believe that the Lord can do the same in their own lives and churches…’ Starting Elevation Church 7 years ago with less than 20 people in attendance, this emerging church from North Carolina is becoming one of the fastest growing American churches of recent years, with attendance now up to more than 12,000, expanding its worship to incorporate Elevation Worship, a team of worshippers that have released various worship albums for the past few years. With their latest effort being For the Honour back in November 2011 with hit singles ‘Give Me Faith’ and ‘For the Honour’ (DREAM artist Evan Craft covered ‘Give Me Faith’ in Spanish for his 2012 album Yo Soy Segundo), Elevation Worship have now released their brand-new 2012 EP Nothing is Wasted, featuring the two songs ‘Open Up Your Eyes’ and the titled track, both with studio and live cuts and both certain to be hits sung in churches both now and in the upcoming years. With vertical worship at the heart of the band, both these songs are able to convey a sense of longing as Christ opens our hearts and minds to the things that He has wanted us to discover, with the main focus always on Himself as the centrepiece and motivation for our lives as we live out everyday life (as mundane it can seem). With this album a certain purchase if you love modern worship movements like Passion, Jesus Culture or even the ever-reliable Hillsong, Elevation Church are continuously rising up the ranks in worship groups that provide life-changing melodies to many people around the world.

The album starts off with an acoustic riff in the introduction to the live version of ‘Open Up Our Eyes’, my favourite song from this EP and certainly going to be one of my favourites when Elevation Worship release their new album Nothing is Wasted in February 2013. Transitioning from an acoustic first verse and chorus to a mighty and grandiose anthem partway through the song, we are given an encouragement in the reminder that God is great, strong and mighty as all three verses suggest, but also that ‘…our God is fighting for us always…’ God is longing and fighting for us to come back to Him every day of our lives, because of His never-ending love. This song gives us a reassurance and reminder that we are loved and treasured in His sight, a great identity builder to those who may or may not be sure as to where and who their worth is in. The studio version of the song isn’t really that much different, but with no crowd and a crisper and more polished sound, the drums and guitars start off the anthem instead of the acoustic guitar to give the song an anthem feel from the start. The electronics that move throughout the song provides an alternative-like feel to an already great song. I’m sure the churches will grab onto this melody sooner than later! Well done Elevation Worship for such an emotional and compelling melody.

‘Nothing is Wasted’, both studio and live versions, show great power in declaring the words ‘…nothing is wasted, You make all things for good…’ These words can be just what someone needs, with so many people around the world being in a moment when they can even question whether what they’re doing will make a difference to themselves and their world or not. Christ gives us the promise that He makes all things work for good, that even in the moments when we may think we don’t have a way out, God will still use and shape that moment to create beauty out of pain, hope out of despair and healing out of hurt. With a great guitar-driven sound, this anthem shows us who God is- a healer, restorer and reviver of things that seem too far gone. Full of vibrancy and life with added drums in the studio track, we are given a moment of clarity- that ‘…there is nothing too hard for our God…’ Well done Elevation Worship for this title track of both the EP and the upcoming album releasing in February. If this song is any indication of how the new album will be, then Nothing Is Wasted will certainly be one of my favourite live worship albums of 2013.

Overall: Though only two tracks on this EP, Nothing is Wasted EP is a certain purchase if you are a fan of any great modern worship movement, from Jesus Culture and Passion to Bethel Live and Hillsong. Releasing their new 2013 album Nothing is Wasted on February 19th, just by listening to these two songs alone I can certainly be excited and eager to listen to their full-length album releasing in the same month as new albums from Jeremy Camp, Jenny Simmons, RED and Sanctus Real. One of the new worship movements to a collection of artists that have provided many worship songs to millions of listeners around the world, Elevation Worship have shown listeners that Christ is standing alongside them through every trial and tribulation. On a record label with other prominent artists like One Sonic Society, Andy Cherry and The Royal Royal, Nothing is Wasted EP is a great teaser to their 2013 album. Well done Elevation Worship for such a great encouraging and motivational experience.

RIYL: Passion, Bethel Live, Jesus Culture, Hillsong

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