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Dizmas - Tension

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Artist: Dizmas
Album: Tension
Label: Credential Recordings
Release Date: May 22, 2007
Review by: Eric Pettersson

1. Jealousy Hurts
2. Shake It Off
3. Play It Safe
4. If You Love Someone
5. See Daylight
6. Dance
7. This Is a Warning
8. The Voice Is Ghostly
9. Nothing at All
10. October
11. Until You Rescued Me
12. Sun

Starting off with the same intensity, passion, and melodic ingenuity as their debut, On a Search in America, Dizmas tried a new approach for their second punch. This time, there was more than a quick jab; there was a follow-through. The incredible highlights of Dizmas’ last album were surrounded by a bounty of lackluster tunes, but this time there’s a new energy and maturity, leaving behind the trendy background screams and the cheesy CCM lyrics for an action-packed, heart-felt 12 song session.

Take, for example, “The Voice Is Ghostly,” which begs the question “Do you really think love is gonna change the world? Do you really think we’re gonna change the world?” through vocalist Zach Zegan’s invigorating rock and roll croons, overtop some sick guitar work, ending with the memorable phrase “Start the worship, stop the band.” What might sound cynical at first, Dizmas uses to challenges current trends surrounding the word “Love” to make it more than a word and to actually live out the changes instead of just singing about them. Basically, it seems like Dizmas took every element of their previous work and thought it over, deciding what was worth keeping and what was worth dropping. Then, taking all that was worth keeping, they pumped up the quality a good thirty degrees Fahrenheit, if in fact the quality of rock and roll could be measured by an indoor/outdoor thermometer. The vocals do more than speak a message, now they act as another instrument, adding to the rock energy, while also singing more maturely and memorably written lyrics. The guitars are rocking with melody and technical shreds guiding Tension from start to end, and the coherence to this record puts many sophomore efforts to shame.

With seriously challenging lyrics and seriously rocking music, Dizmas dropped an unexpectedly good second release. The most exciting part about this is that they’ve eliminated any hint of CCM they had to their sound and lyrics and replaced it all with truly passionate rock and roll (of the scene punk variety), with original lyrics that rock just as much as the music. Oh, and did I mention that “Dance” includes a slowed down part with a loud bass beat and the whole band clapping and singing along? Killer.


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