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Deuteronomium - From The Midst Of Battle

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Band: Deuteronomium
Album: From The Midst Of The Battle
Release Date: 8/13/2008
Label: Bullroser Records


  1. Fields Of War
  2. 3:16
  3. Defending The Faith
  4. Song Of The Saved
  5. Lost Indeed
  6. Hail To The King
  7. A Thorn Through Your Flesh
  8. Holy War, Holy Violence
  9. Tales From The Midst Of Battle

OK, when I received this CD in the mail I looked at it and thought “I’m not going to like this”. The CD carried all the telltale signs of bad European metal that was trying way too hard: ridiculously cheesy biblical based name, hilariously over-attempted “angry metal band” picture on the back complete with some black leather pants, and a stylized Star of David with Latin written around it. I kind of laughed and said “seriously?”

So, From The Midst Of Battle opens with radio sounds and what are by far the worst machine gun sound effects I’ve ever witnessed, and I mean it sounded like a rapid-fire typewriter assault. Musically I really like Deuteronomium. They mix thrash metal and add in beautiful mellow sections of psychedelic guitar that remind me a bit of Pink Floyd’s more laid back material. “Song Of The Saved” is a fast paced plow right through you thrash track that just pummels at your ears only to stop long enough for a short burst of wailing guitar solo towards the end. Lyrically these guys are pretty corny, Sunday school style. Every song’s title is pretty much the basis of its chorus, and while I couldn’t really find the lyrics online nor were they with the CD, what I could pick out while having good intentions came across as corny. “Sing with me, the song of the saved” comes to mind first.

This being my first exposure to Deuteronomium I can’t really speak as to whether this is one of their better works or one of their worst. Musically I really enjoyed the album, the production is nice and I can hear everything, which is always a plus. The vocals remind me of the new Impending Doom’s vocals. Again lyrically the corny choruses that correspond to the titles kind of bug me and I feel like the band could have spent a little more time working on the lyrics.

Overall: There is no denying that these guys know how to play their instruments well and write some pretty good thrash metal, but the whole corny, trying too hard aspect of the album muddled the rest of it for me.

Standout tracks: Song Of The Saved, Fields Of War, and Hail To The King.


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