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Decyfer Down - End of Grey

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Band: Decyfer Down
Title: End Of Grey
Label: SRE Recordings
Release Date: 6/6/06
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. Break Free
02. Life Again
03. Fight Like This
04. Burn Back The Sun
05. I’ll Breathe For You
06. Walking Dead
07. Here To You
08. Never Lost
09. No Longer
10. Vanity


Caleb: Vocals, Bass
Brandon: Guitars, Vocals
Chris: Guitars, Vocals
Josh: Drums

Rounding out the trio of hard rock releases on June 6th is Decyfer Down on S/R/E & Columbia. They, unlike their counterparts were signed secular as well as SRE releasing it in the Christian market. The band jostled positions a bit early on and once Chris (Guitar) was added the band really progressed. It brought forth a new sound and new focus. The name Decyfer Down, came from a random opening of a dictionary to the word “decipher” and led the band to choose that because the band “aimed to interpret truth based on God’s Word while stripping it down from religious traditions and terms.” Thankfully, that means we should definitely see a video and a secular radio push. This band brings passionate feelings about where Christianity is now and are honest in their opinions of where it needs to be. They choose to more often play the clubs as opposed to more youth group friendly venues and have hit them with the likes of Breaking Benjamin, Crossfade, and Sevendust.

Decyfer Down’s music blends amazingly well with the lyrics the song’s present. It’s a complete package. Ferocious guitars and intense drums at times and other calmed down modern rock, the band truly does rock hard. The main musical thrust of the album is detuned, edgy, anthemic rock. The guitar work features punishing riffs (“I’ll Breathe For You”), some solo work (“Life Again”), and oddly structured patterns a la Sevendust (“Fight Like This”). The bass pounds and adds to the heaviness throughout. The band also mixes in their melodious side especially during the choruses (“I’ll Breathe For You”, “Vanity”). “No Longer” and “Here To You” are slower, blissful melodies which give you a break and help the album to not all blend together.

Yet again, another solid offering from SRE and yes one more band to keep your eye on in the coming months. I hope to see solid touring plans and hopefully some shifts into secular markets. Decyfer Down won’t take over rock radio by any means, but they can certainly becoming a regular in the ranks. This is truly the year of Christian hard rock outfits. With debuts from Fireflight, Flyleaf, Red, and Decyfer Down the future is indeed wide open.

Standout Tracks:

“Break Free”, “Breathe Into Me”, “No Longer”

Overall Rating: If this band doesn’t get airplay, I will be amazed. Most fans of hard rock that I know dig this band as do I. Full of potential and radio hits this is an excellent debut. Over the next few years I feel they’ll come into their own. A very good listen all the way through and even on repeat. This will be one of my top rock releases this year!

Individual Ratings:

Album Art/Design: Good artwork. Great color scheme. Booklet unfolds into a poster. A really interesting design and a nice change. [All lyrics included]

Lyrics: Nu-metal flavored lyrics, memorable and able to be sung along. Reading through you’ll be able to see the band’s faith clearly and it is the steady theme throughout. I’ve read on secular review sites that the band doesn’t beat you over the head, so that is a good thing. A band that’s honest and clear yet able to be listened to by others.

Marketability: The market is ripe for bands like this and label’s are eating them up. Hard rock will also have a good following because it’s middle ground.

Production: Absolutely no complaints. Two thumbs way up!

Vocals: Caleb’s vocals, though not extremely broad in range, present themselves strongly. They fit the style and sound well. Backup vocal’s are well placed and not overused.

Similar To: Sevendust, Crossfade, Shinedown, Disciple



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