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DecembeRadio - Self Titled

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Band: DecembeRadio
Title: DecembeRadio
Label: Slanted
Release Date: 6/27/06
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. Can’t Hide
02. Dangerous
03. Love Found Me (Love’s Got A Hold)
04. Greed
05. Drifter
06. Live And Breathe
07. Alright My Friend
08. Razor
09. Table
10. Least Of These


Josh Reedy: Vocals & Bass
Brian Bunn: Lead Guitar & Vocals
Eric Miker: Guitar & Vocals
Boone Daughdrill: Drums

I had no clue who this band was when I received this album. Granted, I was familiar with the name but didn’t really know much about them besides the fact that they were a Christian rock outfit. After I had checked out most of the other releases that need(ed) reviewing I tossed the disc in and I was knocked out of my seat. At first I thought I must be listening to a major label secular release. The sound quality was intense and the writing ability was creative and catchy. I dove right in after that.

“Can’t Hide” drops in full force immediately, holding nothing back from DecembeRadio’s classic rock influenced, hard rock. Even from the first song I was thinking why this band isn’t all over secular and Christian rock radio. They are far better than the majority of stuff circulated there. “Dangerous” picks up right where the first song left off. The track feels right at home and would be readily accepted for fans of 90’s rock like Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, and the like. Just good, powerful, hard

“Love Found Me” shows off the bands classic rock roots. The ability to mix classic with modern is often tried but usually fails miserably, but DecembeRadio receives flying colors. “Greed” opens with almost a country feel to it, before unleashing their true rock flavor. “Drifter” is a great ballad-like acoustic led track. “Alright My Friend” is probably the most modern sounding track on the album. It has the leanings of many of the modern rock bands (not nu metal) on the radio these days. “Razor” blasts back, after the break in the last few tracks, and is one of the highlights of the track.

This self-titled debut truly shows off the bands ability to release Christian based tracks without the cheesiness that a lot of bands in that market bring. An album that can be enjoyed by Christian and non Christian alike. The guitarwork is catchy and raw and when combined with Josh’s vocal’s only sound better. The lineup is rounded out by the solid backing of drums and bass, which pound away throughout. DecembeRadio is a band that knows when to be serious and when to just play enjoyable rock n roll. This is one of the most enjoyable releases I’ve heard all year, in any genre! Rock and roll is indeed, alive and well!

Standout Tracks:

“Drifter”, “Live And Breathe”, “Can’t Hide”

Overall Rating: I really tried very hard to find a flaw in this album but after repeated tries I simply couldn’t. Everything is top notch from production to the music to the lyrics to the vocals. There hasn’t been a rock release like this Christian or secular that I’ve liked as completely as this album. If you’re a fan of rock at all you need to check this album out! Hands down best Christian rock release this year and possibly secular as well!

Individual Ratings:

Album Art/Design: Nice, sleek design but was disappointed with the lack of lyrics. I think for the audience this band draws the booklets may not be as important a feature as to others, so it might have been the right call, it just wasn’t for me.

Lyrics: The lyrics are enjoyable but are not found in the liner notes. This is a big no no in my book but the album’s good enough for me to forgive them. Some of the lyrics can be found at the band’s website. I did receive a package containing explanations of the songs though which was nice. Topics include complacency in Christian life (“Dangerous”), finding the missing piece in life (“Love Found Me”), and accountability (“Alright My Friend”).

Marketability: Yet another solid release this year in Christian rock. With great debuts from Red and Decyfer Down, and offerings from Day Of Fire and Kutless the field is definitely widening and improving. No longer are all the bands out there Creed copycats. I think DecembeRadio is leading the pack right now and has more potential to crossover than the others.

Production: Top notch. Nothing to pick apart at all.

Vocals: Josh’s vocals have that appeal that only certain rock singers have. Many of these singers become rock icons and this man has the talent for sure. He can go from the soft and sweet “Drifter” to the upbeat and thunderous “Table”.

Similar To: Buckcherry, Audioslave, Soundgarden, Lenny Kravitz

Slanted Records


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