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Death Is Not Welcome Here - Freedom for the Broken

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Artist: Death Is Not Welcome Here
Album: Freedom for the Broken
Label: None
Release Date: May 20, 2007
Review by: Eric Pettersson

1. Until the Last
2. Freedom for the Broken
3. Heaven Is Almost Here
4. Facing Today
5. Our Time Is Now

“I am living proof that we are all in need,” croons out vocalist Stevo, with a lingering hint of a British accent. Teamed up with the rest of Death Is Not Welcome Here, soaring dual harmonized vocals lead this quartet into better written and more cohesive material, and less generic lyrics, but certainly keeping the same great message. The title track, with fist-pumping guitars, reminds us of the redemptive freedom found in Christ with such powerful lines as “Here I stand, blood on hands. And this is love that He would take the blame upon Himself,” followed by a superb scream of “What mercy!” For those familiar with the last release, DINWH have progressed from the teenage screamo territory into a more mature sound with technical guitars, tight and rhythmic drums, and ever-present screams adding a melodic post-hardcore flavoring, rather than an angsty emo one (think Thrice, Dead Poetic, etc). Through it all, despite dealing with some rather dark topics, DINWH maintain a positive and uplifting focus in Christ and His substitution for our sin, as well as the truth found in Him. Plus they’re British… what more could you want?


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