Album Review :
Dear Lovely - Jerusalem

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Band: Dear Lovely

Title: Jerusalem

Label: Moonlight Records

Release Date: 2010

Review By: Steve

Track Listing:

  1. Samaria
  2. Judea
  3. Nazareth
  4. Gethsemane
  5. Capernaum
  6. Bethsaida
  7. Siloam
  8. Bethlehem
  9. Cana
  10. Bethany
  11. Galilee

Dear Lovely is a band that usually you see play not because you necessarily set out to see them, but more often than not because they are opening for someone else you want to see.  At first you are probably thinking, “who the heck is Dear Lovely?” and most of the time you are justified in feeling this way because we have all been to shows where the opening acts are terrible.  However, with Dear Lovely you will probably find yourself with arms crossed on the sidelines.  Then about half way through the first song, you start to feel the drums and guitars resonate inside you.  After that, you start to dig the lyrics a little more and your head starts bobbing a little.  Next thing you know you are pushing people aside getting ready to hardcore two-step.  At least that is the way I imagine their shows.  I used that illustration to say that Dear Lovely is definitely a band that will grow on you.

Dear Lovely is a five-piece melodic hardcore band out of Kingston, Tennessee, and they self-released an EP in 2008 entitled Another Attempt Has Failed.  Jerusalem in my opinion is a huge step forward for this outfit.  These guys sure know how to channel all their intensity and passion into one ferocious output.  The drum and guitar work is solid and can be pummeling at times, and they have some well-timed breakdowns.  Musically these guys are not creating anything that you have not heard before, but that does not mean they are just an average band.  Like I mentioned above, you will definitely feel their passion and intensity when you listen to them.

The clean vocals are really the only thing about the album that I had an issue with.  In some of the songs, the clean vocals are good like in “Samaria” but at other times, I think they take away from the intensity and ferocity of the track.  Zack has some good pipes and puts a great amount of passion into his screams.  It almost feels like he is screaming with something to prove.  Lyrically, Dear Lovely definitely does not beat around the bush about who their Savior is.  They do a great job of getting the message of hope and God’s grace across to the listener.  The best song on Jerusalem is “Samaria” because it displays the best of all the instruments and vocals that Dear Lovely has to offer.

Overall: Dear Lovely has produced a very solid full-length album.  It is definitely something they should be extremely proud of.  Jerusalem boasts some pummeling drums and heavy breakdowns, and it is definitely an album worth checking out.