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Day of Fire - Cut and Move

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Band: Day Of Fire
Title: Cut & Move
Label: Essential
Release Date: 6/6/06
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. Love
02. Run
03. Hole In My Hand
04. Cut & Move
05. Regret
06. Far & Gone
07. Wake Me
08. When The Light
09. Frustrating
10. Reborn


Joshua Brown: Lead Vocals
Gregg Hionis: Guitar
Joe Pangallo: Guitar
Chris Pangallo: Bass
Zach Simms: Drums

Joshua Brown has an amazing story of high’s and lows and ultimately of God’s grace. As many of you probably know by now, Joshua Brown was the frontman of now defunct Full Devil Jacket. I was first introduced to them on the Scream 3 soundtrack. This album was a “who’s who” in hard rock including tracks from Creed, Staind, Slipknot, Sevendust, Fuel, and Incubus. The band was tearing things up and really progressing, but Brown was falling apart. Addictions were taking their toll and he hit rock bottom. Thankfully realizing before it was too late, Brown gave his life over to God’s control and made his comeback in 2004 with Day Of Fire.

His renewed passion for life was seen and blessed. The band won a Dove Award for Rock Album of the Year (For their self-titled debut) and was also nominated for a Grammy. I felt that album to be too broad for my liking. It contained some really great hard hitting rock tracks but other tracks felt more CCM than true rock. I felt the band had more to offer and I was eagerly awaiting this release to see where it had led them. Two years later they are back with the edgier sounding “Cut & Move”.

The band wastes no time hitting you with a heavy riff. “Love” opens off the album in a strong fashion complete with a head bobbing, hard hitting chorus. “Run” has a really catchy rhythmic approach, with it’s almost bluesy, southern rock with attitude. The title track, “Cut & Move”, is an upbeat rock anthem. “Show me the way out of this hole” is yelled amidst a catchy chorus. There are a few mellowed out tracks such as “When The Light” and “Hole In My Hand” but for the most part this is a hard rock effort.

Musically the band delves into a modern grunge rock sound. Guitars are heavy, bass is thundering, and the drums are pounding. The band has progressed from the typical Christian hard rock offering and giving some life into this overdone style. I think they are a sign of things to come and I for one am happy to hear it!

Standout Tracks:

“Love”, “Run”, “Wake Me”

Overall Rating: Possibly the top Christian rock release of the year and one of the better overall rock releases. The band has heart and the insensity to gain them attention. Their passion for their faith goes a long way and is encouraging to see. I wish the greatest things for this group. They really have a heart for people who are hurting and they certainly have the only message that can help!

Individual Ratings:

Album Art/Design: The album booklet is sleek yet not engaging. It’s very basic black and white. The lyrics were nicely added in handwriting styles instead of the usual type. [All lyrics included]

Lyrics: The lyrical offerings here cover all aspects of Christian life and the how hard life can be without Christ. From past mistakes (“Regret”), grace (“When The Light”), and standing true to your faith (“Frustrating”), to themes of a hard life (“Wake Me”), breaking free of addictions (“Cut & Move”), and just simply making your way through life (“Run”).

Marketability: Essential picked a great rock group here. A band with the ability to easily cover both Christian & secular markets simultaneously. I only fear Essential will not be able to push DOF into Hard Rock Radio where it should be heard. Ceartainly, most people have forgotten about Full Devil Jacket at this point, but would be quickly reminded of why they were on the verge of stardom, when listening to Day Of Fire.

Production: Thankfully the band opted for a less polished outing this time and it definitely pays off. While keeping all the catchiness of the first album, they’ve built on and improved where they were two years ago. In your face, fist pumping rock!

Vocals: Brown’s vocals give a glimpse into his soul He is passionate about life. His vocals are a bit rougher than your typical most Christian rock outfits, bringing the intensity and raw emotion needed in this market.

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