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Dalton - Taste The Sky

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Review by: Josh IndieVision

Band: Dalton
Title: Taste The Sky
Label: Selectric
Release Date: May 2nd, 2006


01. City Lights
02. Taste The Sky
03. Life Afraid
04. Overlight
05. 600 Feet
06. Gabriel (Hold On)
07. Above You
08. Take What You Want
09. Streets
10. Breathing In
11. Hold Me Now (Summer’s Song)

*Steven Kanicka: Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
*Spencer Dalton: Drums & Lead Vocals
*Preston Dalton: Guitar & Lead Vocals
*Chris Santos: Bass

Dalton brothers, Spencer and Preston, decided that music was their mission back in high school. Hailing from Texas, both of them knew no instruments but quickly learned learn. Beginning as a worship group, the outfit decided to begin to start writing more band-like material. Dalton was “discovered” by Dino Elefante at a talent contest and offered the band a deal. They soon filled in the missing positions in their lineup and headed in to record the debut that would become “Taste The Sky”.

The quarter has the same qualities that many newer bands on the scene, such as The Afters and NeedToBreathe. I like that they kept the lyrics pretty simple and straightforward. I’m not of a fan of the using strange weirds and lyrics to completely blur the meanings of the songs. They offer songs which are easily remembered and can be sung along. For any pop or modern rock act this is a necessity.

The opener, “City Lights”, leads in strong with a nice vocal approach which shows a bit of their vocal range. A deeper chorus leads in to a bit higher chorus, backed by even higher backups. A steady pace keeps the track moving. The chorus is definitely the highlight.”Taste The Sky” brings forth a bit of the modern rock edge combined with the anthemic feel of the chorus brings forth yet another hit.

The middle group of songs pretty much follow the pattern of smooth verses and big choruses. Although the pattern is the same the band is able to bring forth a different feel in the songs so as not to blend all together. There are a few ballad-like praise tracks mixed in such as “Hold Me Now” and “Hold On”. “Overnight” presents us with a bit of a darker vocal and some falsetto leading into the chorus. This song is more along the lines of an Anberlin, yet not as poppy and happy sounding.

The last two tracks bring back the modern rock sound along the lines of “Overnight”. The bass lines in “Take What You Want” is very enjoyable and danceable. I think this is probably my favorite song of the 10. Songs like this could fit in with many of the Tooth & Nail bands (Mae, Anberlin, etc). “Breathing In” again highlights the bands big rock flavor.

Overall Rating:

They offer sweet, catchy pop mixed with modern rock. “Taste The Sky” sure has singles that could do some mainstream crossover but should fair even better in the Christian markets. The band’s ability to write great hooks and even greater songs is impressive at such a young age! Although there is room for growth and improvement, this could be one of the breakout artists of the year for Christian rock!

Standout Tracks: “City Lights”, “Take What You Want”, “Overnight”

Individual Ratings:

Album Art/Design:

The cover art leaves a bit to be desired. It isn’t the artists greatest work but it is decent. Lyrics are included.


Very worshipful lyrics in many of the songs. It’s nice to have solid lyrics like these presented in a different fashion than the usual praise and worship stuff being pushed these days.

“It’s like breathing for the first time/ Every motion something new
Every word I speak to you/ It’s like dying on the inside
I’m breathing you in”


Again the dual release (the secular through a deal with Sony) should help them out. I don’t see them conquering mainstream rock radio but they might be able to work onto a video station or at least background tunes on there. Christian market should receive it well. It’s light enough to make their radio yet heavy enough at times to separate it from the rest.


No surprise at quality production coming from executive producers and label owners John & Dino Elefante, both well known in the music community. All instruments are represented well and clear. The band should be very happy with how this came out.


The vocal approach has plenty of variety. Vocal harmonies are dead on.

Similar To: U2, Keane, The Afters

Best Buy

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