Album Review :
Creations - The Gospel

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Artist:  Creations
Title:  The Gospel
Label:  Rite Of Passage / Mediaskare Records
Release Date:  8/30/2011
Reviewer:  Jeremiah Holdsworth


1.  The Wandering, The Call
2.  The Wolf, The Clothes
3.  The Lion, The Lamb
4.  The Rich, The Poor
5.  The Cross, The Deserving
6.  The I Am
7.  The Idols, The Warning
8.  The Mist, The Storm
9.  The Tongue, The Sword
10.  The Coward, The Lie
11.  The Almighty, The Wretch

Creations is a melodic hardcore band originally from Australia.  They moved to the states to pursue touring full-time, currently residing in El Centro, California.  They have previously released an EP and have their first full-length album titled “The Gospel” releasing on August 30th.  So how does this album stack up to everything else in the hardcore/metalcore market?

Well first I would cross off the metalcore market because this isn’t metalcore.  If you are a huge fan of the genre and not so much of the hardcore genre then this could be a turn off.  The album could be a turn off in general to a lot of people anyway, including some christians, because of how overtly preachy it is.  Lyrically, this might be the most preachy hardcore album of all time.  I tip my hat to these guys for holding nothing back for the sake of “The Gospel”.  I wish more christians wrote lyrics that are totally up-front and true about pressing issues like false preachers, the true Gospel, repentance, salvation, etc…  This album is a breath of fresh air in an over-saturated metalcore/hardcore market.  I received the Gospel and was saved through preaching from rapper Timothy Brindle.  There’s no doubt that some unbelievers who know nothing of the true Gospel, and listen to this, will in doubt, come to repentance and give their lives to Jesus Christ.

Musically these guys are hardcore with some melodic elements and a lot of eerie ambiance throughout.  It does get a little repetitive at times, as well as some of the breakdowns, but it’s not enough to make it boring halfway through the album.  I do wish that they were a little more creative, but I’m sure that will come in time as they get better as musicians.  I will say the drumming by Blair really stood out.  I don’t think a hardcore band can make it without a good drummer and he provides with plenty of double bass kicks and blastbeats.  The quality of the record is really good but still has a slight raw sound, which I prefer when listening to recordings.  A lot of over production can be a turn off to the passion and intensity of what’s been recorded.

Overall:  Creations is out to make a name for themselves and they aren’t afraid of what anyone is going to think about their message.  Usually if you are preaching the true Gospel then you are going to be persecuted.  I’m sure these guys get it from time to time, but they would rather give the truth to their audience, then their audience to have never known the truth.  The only draw back to this album is that it does sound repetitive at times so hopefully they will be more diverse with their next album.  Lord willing, we get a second full length.