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Common Yet Forbidden - Struggle

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Band: Common Yet Forbidden
Title: The Struggle
Label: Bombworks
Release Date: 9.7.2007
Review By: JoshIVM


01. The Struggle
02. The Prodigal
03. Lake of Fire, Wake of Souls
04. Saints O’ Saints
05. Face of the Father
06. We Only Chase Wind
07. Anthem
08. Dead Alive
09. Still We Remain
10. Riff List (Instrumental)


Carl: Vocals
Chris: Guitar
Phil: Drums
Jordan: Bass

Common Yet Forbidden’s debut is probably one of the first releases on Bombworks that will appeal to the new wave of metal fans in America. There are no breakdowns but they unleash a sound similar to other deathcore outfits. This could help to be a breakout release for both the band and label but sadly Carl left soon after its release. Hopefully the find a competent vocalist who can fill his place.

“The Struggle” instantly attacks your ears. Pounding drums, shredding guitars, and brutal vocals combine into an unrelenting fury! Thankfully Chris brings in real guitar solos to the mix which many new bands do not use. I’m not talking short little riffs either but full out solos. I’m a fan of these and feel they should be used more often. CYF also throws in some thrash midway through this song. Without having breakdowns to separate the various parts of the song it does make things a little run together. The lack of breakdowns also can make it difficult for them to reach out to the metalcore fans, but I believe this release still succeeds. Yes the songs can blend together and after awhile it may get old, but if you truly pay attention each song is good and each shows off different song writing talents. The tempo is very fast throughout the ten tracks. No rest for the weary here. My only complaint is that the songs do tend to sound similar after awhile and a little variety wouldn’t hurt. I don’t think they necessarily should turn to breakdowns but toss in something creative to break things up a bit. Perhaps focusing on more medium paced and slower parts would be good. Carl will definitely be missed. He can go from screams (not quite a shriek) to a fairly deep, yet not guttural vocal. Carl has good range but for the most parts stays in either one or the other. No poppy, radio friendly fills here. No catchy choruses and sing alongs. The clean vocals are completely absent.

Overall Rating: A solid label debut for CYF and one that should gain them a good following. Hopefully they will be hitting the road in support of this release because people need to hear it! (8/10)

Standout Tracks: “We Only Chase Wind”, “The Struggle”


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