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Children 18:3 - Children 18:3

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Artist: Children 18:3
Album: Children 18:3
Label: Tooth and Nail Records
Reviewer: Levi G

1. All My Balloons
2. LCM
3. You Know We’re All So Fond Of Dying
4. Search Warrant
5. Even Sleeping
6. Ditches
7. The City
8. Homemade Valentine
9. Samantha
10. Mock The Music
11. A Chance To Say Goodbye
12. Time and Wasted Bullets
13. Balloons Reprise
14. Final

If punk rock was dead, it’s just been resurrected.

Meet the (arguable) punk rock saviors, a sibling trio from Minnesota boasting a home schooled education. Doesn’t sound like the type of group to breathe new life into a genre like punk? Well, Jesus was born in a manger. Though this is clearly a large claim to make for any band, listen for yourselves.

It’s apparent even from the first track of this album (“All My Balloons”) that the fast pace and power-chord chugging is not a sign of compensating. Armed with melodies and the power of dual vocals, Children 18:3 deliver a solid debut that may stun the Tooth and Nail nonbelievers. The style varies dramatically enough to hold the listener’s interest, even delving into ska influences. But the sound is signature enough that if you enjoy this type of music, you’ll likely spin this disc in its entirety.

The 14 tracks seem a lot less significant when you consider the length of the songs, as well as the two extremely short interludes, but the sheer power of the full length tracks allows for a couple artistic, nonintrusive breaks. The entire album carries nicely though, and the noteworthy hooks are present on almost every song. Album standouts include the anthem “Homemade Valentine,” where the feelings of The Offspring and Nirvana crossing with a glam-rock attitude surge.

There are simply too many good songs on this album to pretend that a few are superior to the rest. This is an album punk and non-punk fans can both enjoy, and if you haven’t given it a listen, it’s my strong recommendation that you remedy that situation as quickly as you can.

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