Album Review :
Call To Preserve - Validation

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Band: Call To Preserve
Album: Validation EP
Label: Facedown Records
Release Date: July 2011

Track Listing

  1. Exploit, Neglect, Condemn
  2. Validation
  3. Closer
  4. To Become One

Call To Preserve have given the fans one last recording, a 4-song EP titled Validation. The news came out earlier this year this the band was calling quits after 8 years and three full-lengths. While Call To Preserve have never pushed the envelope with their to-the-point hardcore sound, Validation does sound like one would expect a hardcore record to sound; gritty, intense, passionate. The band continues to point the vocals and lyrics at the forefront, while the punk/hardcore sound keeps everything relatively simple, no solos, not many breakdowns, not too fast but not too slow. The vocals are barked throughout Validation, with supporting gang vocals sprinkled throughout, with “To Become One” probably the most musically diverse track and the opener “Exploit, Neglect, Condemn” the fastest and most energetic.

Lyrically Call To Preserve stay the path of faith-based, no shame words of struggle and challenge. On the opener lead vocalist John Ellis calls out today’s Christian bands “So sick of songs about “every time I fall.” Your old clichés mean nothing at all when I’m sitting in the dark pressed on the floor.” The lyrics to this track are powerful, calling out other bands for their hypocritical ways and hollow words. on “To Become One” Call To Preserve really go out with a bang; gang vocals chanting “we want to become, become one” and a great breakdown. This song, proclaiming that “We need Word in Flesh” would be a great closer to any set, and a song that we should all take to heart.

OVERALL Validation sounds like Call To Preserve finally found the feel they were looking for, unfortunately it’s all we’re going to get. I always felt like these guys were stuck in the wrong era, too late for the 90’s punk and too early for the current wave of quality faith-based hardcore bands. They were playing hardcore when kids were getting into metalcore. There is definitely a ton of character on Validation, feels like the band felt less pressure with this record and were able to really give the fans one last passionate hardcore record.