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Call To Preserve - Unsinkable

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Band: Call To Preserve
Title: Unsinkable
Label: Strike First
Release Date: 8/8/06
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. Hold Fast
02. Sidewinder
03. You Broke Down
04. Force Of Change
05. Life’s Too Short
06. Thick As Blood
07. Shellshock
08. Stand And Fight
09. Pay The Price
10. Fight Til The End
11. Now And Forever
12. Unsinkable


John Ellis: Vocals
Matthew Aviles: Bass
Michael Aviles: Drums
Duke Ahrens: Guitar
Harbor McFarlan Partin: Guitar

One of the standouts of the Florida hardcore scene, Call To Preserve formed in 2003 and quickly rose up the ranks. The band released an EP in 2005 and caught Strike First’s attention and signed with them. Their first offering is “Unsinkable” which shows why the band was noticed by SF, who focuses on helping out smaller groups. It seems like it is also used as a testing ground for future Facedown bands. Keep an eye on Call To Preserve because they just might be the next to move up.

The album opener “Hold Fast” is a sort of intro but prepares you for what lies ahead. Yelled in gang vocal form, as an anthem to the listeners is “Hold fast, to the grave”. The song is quite short and full of breakdowns. I thought at first the band would follow Seventh Star’s slower approach but once song two hit I knew that wasn’t the case. One of the first noticeable things in “Sidewinder” is the fast paced assault.

“Life’s Too Short” is a driving track which should be the first single on the disc. I’m not sure if they’ll be pursuing a video like the label did for Within, but this should it. A forceful, driving track with a few speed changes and a brutal breakdown. I enjoy the line “My body is temple of the Living God. Nothing harmful to my mins runs through my veins. I choose to live my life drug free.” I think it really gives a good base reason for straight-edge lifestyle and why this band adhere’s to it. “Stand And Fight” is a blistering track. Very fast and very brutal (during breakdowns).”

Standout Tracks: “Life’s Too Short”, “Stand And Fight”

Overall Rating: Strike First delivers again! In my humble opinion, this is the best hardcore debut that Strike First Records has put forth. Poised and ready to conquer the hardcore legions, Call To Preserve unleashes fast paced, energetic “toughguy” hardcore. Plenty of opportunities for dancing and 2-stepping, it will sure to be a crowd pleaser. Hard driving guitar riffs and quick drumwork really keep the album moving.

Individual Ratings:

Album Art/Design: I really like the cover design as well as the actual cd art! The cover is a heart with waves crashing around it and the cd pictures another section of waves. I like the coloring and art. However the rest of the booklet is rather bland and boring.

Lyrics: The usual hardcore lyrical approach. Bold, in-your-face, and unapologetic. Topics include: those who say they’re tolerant but do not tolerate Christianity (“Sidewinder”), straight-edge (“Life’s Too Short”), friendships (“Thick As Blood”), Christ’s sacrifice (“Shellshock”).

Marketability: I’m quite sure the band will do quite well with Facedown/Strike First fans and hopefully will a busy touring schedule they will increase that scope. At times the sound gets repetitious but those of us in hardcore circles are used to that at this point. It’s the one downside to straightforward hardcore. However, CTP does have a great sound and they’re tight which should propel them past a lot of the hardcore groups out there right now.

Production: I wouldn’t think hardcore is a hard style to produced since it’s pretty straightforward. This is certainly one of the better sounding hardcore debuts SF has given us.

Vocals: Strong, throaty vocals reminiscent of Seventh Star. Fits the “toughguy” hardcore style perfectly.

Similar To: Throwdown, Seventh Star, Bury Your Dead

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