Album Review :
Buck Barnabas - Hidden Agendas (Mixtape)

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Artist: Buck Barnabas
Title:  Hidden Agendas (Mixtape)
Label: Double Edge Ministries
Release Date: 5/01/12
Reviewer: Josh Burkey


  1. Die to Myself
  2. Microphone Fiend
  3. We Gotta Problem
  4. Coffin Rap
  5. 24
  6. Not a Game
  7. We Win Here
  8. No Music
  9. Listen to Me
  10. Missing a Savior
  11. I Don’t Understand
  12. Scare Tactics
  13. Deep
  14. More Than Anything

When I was first growing up in Christ, Paul’s words in Romans 6 spoke deeply into me. The passage discusses how men who live in sin are dead, but men who live in Christ are alive. Paul discusses how we are to be alive through Christ’s spirit. Obviously, I am not the only one this passage speaks to. Take the new mix tape from Buck Barnabas, Hidden Agendas. The lyrical content on this album is very heavy on this passage.

The album opens with “Die to Myself”, which takes Paul’s teachings to a new high. That is delivered in a very stylish and fresh way. Barnabas delivers the song with brilliant lyrics, only to be served with a hot beat that literally go hand in hand. The song flows right into “Microphone Fiend”, a song which is delivered with a haunting piano melody that is served in a classic hip hop feel, and once again topped off with astonishing lyrics. Agendas contains solid songs with breathtaking beats and some really top notch lyrics that demonstrate the passion of Barnabas.

While, this album is some of the best material I have ever heard from a rapper, you have to include the occasional dud. You hear them in “Not a Game” and “Missing a Savior”. While the beats are still delectable, the lyrics and flow of Barnabas are not top of his game, as they are on the remainder of this album. These tracks are just easily forgettable. This record deals heavily with dying to flesh and sin and solely living for Christ. “Listen to Me” would be the black sheep of the record on subject matter. The track is good nonetheless, but a bit out of touch for this mixtape.

Speaking of stand out tracks, look no further than “No Music”. No beat is delivered here. He is strictly freestyling with no beat to keep him company. ‘Bravo’, is the only word that comes to mind. It goes to show the listener that his passion isn’t contained in a simple beat but his passion is for proclaiming the name of God to anyone who’s down to listen.

OVERALL: This album is very unique! Not many rap albums nowadays are using each track to tell a story. While it is true there is a couple of duds (“Not a Game”, “Missing a Savior”), the album is chock full of great beats, solid deliverance, and lyrics that will literally leave the listener speechless! The biggest downfall of this record is actually is length. Usually most mixtapes are usually pushing an hour or over, but Agendas clocks in right under 40 minutes. This is very sad because of his astonishing passion when it comes to his lyrics and deliverance. Wish this album was longer. However, for what it is, this album is very solid.

RIYL: Lecrae, Trip Lee, Randy G, PRo