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Brothers Martin "The Brothers Martin"

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Band: The Brothers Martin
Title: The Brothers Martin
Label: Tooth & Nail
Release Date: 1.23.07
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. Communication
02. The Harsh Effects Of Time
03. The Missionary
04. The Deaf, They Will Hear
05. The Plot That Weaves
06. Fears To Remember
07. Opportunities
08. The Behavior Explains
09. Get The Money
10. Life On Strings


Jason Martin: Vocals, Guitar, Electric Bass
Ronnie Martin: Vocals, Synthesizer, Drum Machine, Bass Programming

This eclectic duo, of Ronnie and Jason Martin, have united yet again for a project. The last time was way back with Dance House Children and their releases, “Songs & Stories” (1991) and “Jesus” (1992), both on the now defunct Blonde Vinyl. I was excited to hear they were working on something together and new it would be a worthwhile listen.

Many people assumed this would simply be a “B-sides” type of release and not really a cohesive effort. However, upon listening you should put that thought to rest. The first song is credited to the duo together, and then each following song to a specific member. The second, “The Harsh Effects Of Time”, is credited to Ronnie, three to “The Missionary”, then back to Ronnie and so forth. This gives the main direction of each track’s style but each song includes elements of both brothers.

On the tracks that are credited to Jason, the tracks of course have a more Starflyer vibe, with the droning indie sound. Jason also sings on these tracks, but Ronnie’s keyboards are a major part as well. They are not poppy and happy sounding like Joy Electric’s usual sound, but serve to complement the sound.

Ronnie’s tracks focus more of the dancy rhythms he’s known for, and feature Jason’s guitarwork over it. It definitely brings a completely different feel from both artists and most definitely do not sound like b-sides.

Overall Rating: I personally enjoyed this album quite a bit. I’m a fan of both brothers solo groups and have followed them since the early early days of Tooth & Nail. I think the whole album has a nice flow throughout and is a perfect mix of the brother’s respective styles. I hope Brothers Martin is not a one-time project for the brothers, but hopefully something we will see more of in the future. Definitely check this disc out! (8/10)

Standout Tracks: “The Missionary”, “Fears To Remember”

Recommendation: Buy The Album Now

Tooth & Nail

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