Album Review :
Bring The Arsenal - EP Is For Epic

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Band: Bring The Arsenal
Title: EP Is For Epic
Label: None
Release Date: September 28th, 2010
Reviewer: Otto G.


  1. Torrential
  2. We Are The Resistance
  3. Voice Of Reason
  4. The Antagonist

Bring The Arsenal is a five piece metalcore band from Richmond Virginia and this is their debut EP!!

These guys brings a sound that reminds me some bands such as My Children My Bride, Bringing Down Broadway and August Burns Red ,musically they are nothing new and aren’t breaking any boundarie, but they are still good musicians and definetly worth a listen.

EP is For Epic is charged with aggresive Metalcore (Screamo fans won’t be able to get into it !!), brutality is present in the whole album, maintaining a balance between vocals and fast guitar riffs, also the drums are great, the double pedal is the perfect match of the scream vocals on the hardest parts of the songs, so , if you are looking for some melodic metalcore, then, Bring The Arsenal is not what are you looking for, althought there is a relaxing interlude at the half of the song “The Antagonist” also clean and gang vocals are present in some of the songs.

I only have two dissapointments with this EP:
the first one: the rough production while it isn’t horrible it still can be a distraction for the average of listeners
the second one: the clean vocals because they seemed to take away from the brutality (In my opinion they should remove it in order to keep a more agressive sound).

Lirycally, Bring The Arsenal are not ashamed about their beliefs in God and that is reflected in all of their songs. EP is for Epic begins with a song called “Torrential” wich speaks about a lost generation of wanderers without God in their hearts and the mercy that God feels for them, consider these lines:

“Broken hearts. Broken dreams. Broken lives.
Laid to rest
The past is gone
Tomorrow Is Here
And with tomorrow come the rushing waters of God’s mercy
The floodgates of heaven have been opened
Pouring out living water and flooding the earth with forgiveness
All you have to do is let go of this life and give the current control”

The second song is called “We Are The Resistance” speaks about our constant fight that we have when we live in Christ and the victory that we have if we stay in obedience to our Lord, please consider the following lines:

“We will march on the war cry
Your kingdom
Your Honor
Oh God for your glory!
Victory is ours for the taking !”

The third track Voice Of Treason has three awesome statements at the final of the song that I assume that God is saying:

“I will be your shelter
I will be your fortress
the rock on which you stand”

The EP finishes with a metaphorical song called “The Antagonist” that invites you to don’t fear about anything, consider these lines:

“It’s far more than a nightmare
Welcome to the valley of shadow
Do not linger here too long
Lest you become another one waiting to wake up
One by one they fall like flies
They fall to their demons
Never to wake up
Fear Is My Enemy”

Overall:This album is fast and brutal, if you are into Hardcore or Metal, probably you will like Bring The Arsenal, it suffers from a little bit of repetition but please consider their ages (They are too young  and have a lot of potential !!), I for one I will be looking forward to hear something new from these guys in the near future (A new Ep or why not a full lenght !!) but with a better production and mixing than this.