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Brendan Moss - Your Face Is Glowing

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Artist: Brendan Moss
Album: Your Face Is Glowing
Label: Friendly Arctic Music
Release Date: May 11, 2008
Review by: Eric Pettersson

1. Action
2. Character
3. Manna from Heaven
4. Revolution Song
5. On His Citadel
6. To His Absurd Redeemer
7. Man of God
8. Powerlines
9. Make Way

When Jesus said “Blessed are the meek,” I bet he was talking about people like Brendan Moss. His humble songs about God present him in a way that makes words like Almighty and Holy actually mean something. To be quite honest, as I just listened through while reading the lyrics, there were definite moments that gave me a stronger understanding and feeling of the fear of the Lord. Most songs reference the unending search for God and talk about or to him in a powerfully reverent way that I’ve seen very few other places, actually honoring God as God and focusing on his Divine nature and Kingship, an aspect that some might find a bit uncomfortable in a culture that focuses on God’s personal friendship so much we almost bring him down to our level. We would do well to sing these songs asking God for mercy and admitting to his control over everything and our control over nothing. Brendan writes with raw honesty and humility that somehow shine through with a subtle confidence in knowing that God will extend his love and strength, even though it is vastly undeserved. To back up these powerful and compelling lyrics, Brendan brings on more instruments than I can count on two hands, but the leading ones tend to be acoustic guitar, piano, or both. Some bells and lots of other electronic sounds are added into the mix to varying degrees depending on song, and all of it is very slow and very mellow except for “Revolution Song” which includes a banjo and attempts a little folksy bluegrass. The rest is reminiscent of the slower, softer material from Death Cab for Cutie, Bright Eyes, and Jon Foreman. And that music is a perfect complement to the message. And as if that weren’t enough, the album comes in binding like a book, with the lyrics reading like a collection of poetry. Just so you believe me, check out the photo below!


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