Album Review :
Blood of the Martyrs - Completionist

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Band: Blood of the Martyrs
Album: Completionist
Label: Unsigned
Release: 10.4.13
Reviewer: Brody

  1. Return to Spider Skull Island
  2. Kano
  3. Otto Aquarius
  4. The Action Man
  5. Humongoloid
  7. Colonel Gentleman
  8. Semper Fidelis Tyranosaurous
  9. Swiftly

In this music scene where a lot of bands seem to get successful over night, it’s always cool to see a band that truly works their way up the totem pole. They grind and battle away for every like on Facebook, every dollar on merchandise, and play each show like it could be their last. And when the time comes to record a full length, the emotion and passion that all these trials have bestowed upon the hearts of the band members shine through in the recording, making a captivating and intense record.

This is where Blood of the Martyrs comes in. “Completionist”, the group’s second full length, truly hits its’ stride on third track (if you count the intro opener Return to Spider Skull Island), Otto Aquarius. The track takes many twists and turns as it continually fluctuates between crushingly chaotic riffs and airy atmosphere.

Up next is the lead single off the album, The Action Man. The track is hard hitting both musically and lyrically. Fraught with breakdowns but also mind numbing riffs, the track carries a certain swagger throughout the duration. Vocalist Lee Zook passionately howls, “I’ve made some mistakes / I’ve lost some friends / I’ve disappointed, I’ve disappointed so many loved ones / Though as discouraged as I may be at times / I can not deny my current position just feels right / For it’s a reminder of Your perfect grace / I’ve learned through my trials / What I strive to accomplish is bigger than myself / And through my error / It makes me realized that on my own I am an imperfect man”.

Colonel Gentleman is my favorite track on the album. It remains musically interesting with layers of sound, including some light piano sections, dischords, pummeling chugs, and intricate leads. Oh, Sleeper’s own Micah Kinard makes an appearance giving the listener something to salivate about.

Perhaps the most technical effort on the album, Swiftly brings things to a close. Zook displays his incredible vocal range while the rest of the band shows they have some diversity as well. Musically the track has a nice ebb and flow to it as tempo and style changes smoothly.

While “Completionist” is one heck of a ride, it does not go without a few blemishes. The main thing that nagged at me a bit was what I felt to be an over-abundance of electronics. While I certainly have no qualm with a bit of electronics in with my metalcore, I feel like in order for it to be a nice fit, the sound has to be used subtly to add depth to the sound. I felt that the group decided to use it a bit too frequently on “Completionist” with a result that felt a bit forced rather than natural.

Overall: “Completionist” is a phenomenal DIY release from a passionate metalcore band that is looking to make waves in the industry. Blood of the Martyrs is sure to go places and I think this release will help get them there in a hurry.

RIYL: Misery Signals | Oh, Sleeper | The Devil Wears Prada