Album Review :
Besides Daniel - The Clay, the Seed, the Stone

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Artist: Besides Daniel

Album: The Clay, The Seed, The Stone

Label: None (released independently)

Release Date: May 31, 2009

Reviewer: Eric Pettersson


  1. The Field
  2. Harvesting Stones
  3. Buckets
  4. Stay
  5. Peace Is a Comin’

Daniel Brewer leads this Atlanta-based five-piece with a soft tenor akin to Damien Rice or Andrew Bird. Musically, he fits somewhere between these two fellows, with hints of Jason Mraz, Sufjan Stevens and Cassadaga-era Bright Eyes. Delicate acoustic guitars and soft but up-tempo drumming blend underneath lines like, “Son, we all must come to die. Me and your momma had our time.” Despite the serious themes, the album maintains a light feel, and this contrast brings out a balanced and compelling little EP. The piano on “Harvesting Stones” really works a joyful sound into this indie-folk mix, while the closer “Peace Is a Comin” is much more somber, yet it ends hopefully.

Overall: The surprising craftsmanship on this small sampling of songs will certainly capture the interest of more attentive listeners. If taken as background music, it can easily be passed over, but if a closer look is taken, this EP offers plenty to be appreciated.