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Ben Cantelon - Everything In Colour

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Artist: Ben Cantelon
Title: Everything In Colour
Label: Kingsway Music
Release Date: 5/8/12
Reviewer: Jonathan Andre


  1. Everything in Colour
  2. New Day
  3. My Guardian
  4. Saviour of the World
  5. My Deliverer
  6. Be Exalted
  7. Lord Strong and Mighty
  8. Love Came Down
  9. Through the Cross
  10. Worth it All
  11. Love Divine (Purify)

Canadian Ben Cantelon has written many songs that are sung in the modern church today, penning ‘Love Came Down’, ‘Saviour of the World’ and co-writing ‘For Your Glory’ and ‘Happy Day’ with Matt Redman and Tim Hughes respectively. Now residing in the U.K. and releasing his second studio album, Everything in Colour, Ben has written a collection of 11 personal reflections inspired by his motivation of seeing the world through God’s eyes. As he explains in the Everything in Colour press release, ‘…when life is tough, it is tempting to reduce things to black and white…worship has a role to play in introducing the colour. Worship reminds us that God is far bigger than any of us, far brighter than any of our gloom and far more real than any of our denial…’ What has resulted from the writing process is a heartfelt journey of eleven melodies that draw a theme throughout the album; that God introduces the colour in our lives that we long for and widens our vision, seeing the world from His perspective.

‘New Day’ is the first single from the album, and is an anthem at heart. Singing about how we are a new creation in Christ, that when we see through His eyes the colour of the world that He intended; Ben proclaims in the midst of strong guitars and heavy drums and percussion, creating a joyous mood for every believer, as we know and understand that each day with Jesus is ‘…a new day, it’s a new life, it’s a new start for every heart that’s found you…’ Ben also made a music video for this song that released in April, with various people without colour finding a coloured balloon, and when they decide to reach out and grab this balloon that has caught their attention, their whole world changes to colour as they start to see things differently. At the end of the video, they are at the edge of a cliff, releasing the balloons for other people who may need them. This is very symbolic and powerful, how Christians should be witness to what Christ has done in their lives to everyone that they meet. A powerful first single and one of my favourites, ‘New Day’ will be sung in churches, it’s a matter of when.

‘My Guardian’, ‘My Deliverer’, ‘Be Exalted’, and radio single from 2010 ‘Saviour of the World’ are some of the standout tracks on the album full of unexpected discoveries and awe-inspired treasures. Covered by Newsboys on God’s Not Dead, ‘Saviour of the World’ is the exact version from his 2010 digital single, and is just as powerful 2 years later. As Ben sings out across the electric guitars and powerful drums ‘…God so loved that He gave His Son to lay down His life for the sake of us…’ we realise that this is the gospel story right here, the simple fact that Christ died the death that we were destined for. Not only that, He rose from the dead, and now we can stand and proclaim that He is indeed Saviour of the world. ‘My Guardian’ starts off with a guitar hook as Ben proclaims that God is our guardian, for us and not against us, guiding us in every decision we make, showing us signs when we need them the most. Definitely a potential radio single, this is one of my favourites from the album, and with lyrics like ‘…You go before me, you’re there beside me, and if I wander, love will find me, goodness and mercy will always follow, You go before me, my guardian…’, what’s not to love about the song?  ‘My Deliverer’ starts in your typical CCM fashion and sounds like a Chris Tomlin or Kristian Stanfill song, as Ben proclaims that ‘…I am safe in the arms of the Father, I’m resting in Your embrace, I know Your love will never fail…’ Overlaying upon the acoustic guitars and light percussion, this is another highlight as Ben encourages us that God is all we need, and despite what the world may imply; God tells us that ‘…even though I walk through the shadows, I will not fear…’ ‘Be Exalted’ is a simple song of adoration and awe to a God that has captivated our souls. A piano heavy track, I am able to fall down and worship with abandon as Ben cries out ‘…be exalted in my life above all else, be lifted up…’ Reminding me of Jesus Culture’s ‘Be Lifted High’, this is another potential single! Well done Ben in creating a simple yet equally profound worship song!

‘Through the Cross’ is a traditional song about the cross and the resurrection, similar themed to ‘All Because of the Cross’ and ‘Christ is Risen’ by Paul Baloche and Matt Maher respectively. As Ben proclaims, together with the musical arrangement of guitar hooks and piano, ‘…it’s Your love that took our place, it’s Your blood that gave us liberty, we are thankful for the cross…’ we release the enormity of what Christ did. A song that should not only be sung at Easter, I am certain that this will also be introduced in churches soon. The album ends with two slower songs ‘Worth it All’ and ‘Love Divine (Purify)’ and both strip down the musical element and focus on the songs in a lyrical manner. These two songs highlight the notion that a song can soar and pierce the heart without powerful drums or dynamic guitars; speaking about how God is worth everything in our lives, that whatever else that competes cannot and shouldn’t overtake the rightful place that God deserves (Worth it All) and the purity of God and how He sacrificed everything He had to rescue His creation (Love Divine). These last two tracks continue to carry the momentum and mood of the album as a whole and showcase some of Ben’s best songwriting to date. Through a stripped away style without any powerful drums or electric guitars, Ben is able to open up a slight more, entering a vulnerability stage that shows his passionate vocals and where his heart ultimately lies, for Christ and Christ alone.

Overall: Ben has produced a record that has led me on a journey of discovery and exploration, through powerful worship and reflection. As the lyrics in the single ‘Love Came Down (I’ve Found a Love)’ depict; ‘…You’re my God and my firm foundation, it is you whom I trust at all times…’ we are encouraged to give all that we are to God, to let Him show us the world of colour that we have been missing out on, or to let Him show us the colour ‘blue’ when we’ve been accustomed to ‘green’. A refreshing album that places Ben as one of my favourite artists from Kingsway along with Tim Hughes, listeners who enjoy modern British worship like Tim Hughes or Vicky Beeching would love Everything in Colour.

RIYL: Tim Hughes, Vicky Beeching, Matt Redman, Kristian Stanfill

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