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Bella Vita - Flight Patterns EP

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Artist: Bella Vita

Album: Flight Patterns EP

Label: None (released independently)

Release Date: January 2010

Reviewer: Eric Pettersson


  1. Hear the Name
  2. For the Just
  3. Some Great City
  4. Winter’s Might
  5. Wait by the Water
  6. Light Would You Find Me?

With the sudden popularity of artists like Mumford & Sons, it seems the American music market is ready for folk rock to go somewhere for the first time since the early seventies, giving countless new artists an opportunity to be in the right place at the right time. One band about to compete for that attention is Bella Vita, a recently formed five-piece out of North Carolina.

With this debut EP, we are introduced to a band full of potential. The light and fun feeling of “For the Just” brings me back to the sitting in the grass this summer at a local benefit called Jammin’ for the Animals. The slow seriousness, heavy spirituality, and female backing vocals of “Some Great City” remind me of the best church worship band I’ve experienced so far. Some songs bring in a banjo, tambourine, or an electric guitar here and there, but for the most part it’s good old acoustic guitar, bass, and drums. “Wait by the Water” is very moving, as you can feel the longing in the music, vocals, and lyrics as the band encourages those in difficult situations by reminding us that Jesus carries our burdens with us and “will come back for us.” The EP closes on a hopeful note with “Light Would You Find Me?,” an upbeat tune that sings of needing God alone.

Overall: Flight Patterns EP is a strong debut from such a young band. There is a lot of potential here musically and lyrically, and with more writing and touring experience I could see them going places with this sound.

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