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August Burns Red- "Messengers"

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Band: August Burns Red
Album Title: Messengers
Label: Solid State Records
Release Date: June 19th, 2007
Review by: Nate

1. Truth of a Liar
2. Against The Ropes
3. Back Burner
4. The Blinding Light
5. Composure
6. Vital Signs
7. The Eleventh Hour
8. The Balance
9. Black Sheep
10. An American Dream
11. Redemption 



Brutal? Why yes; I have some of that music for you. Just thrown on some of the newest CD from August Burns Red and you might understand the full meaning of brutal. Or maybe you are already familiar with brutality from their previous, “Thrill Seeker”. Fans of the previous album should find some joy from “Messengers”. The sophomore release brings the same double bass, the same off-key rifts, and the same deathly low scream/growl. Jake Luhrs fills the big shoes after the loss of their previous screamer. Strangely enough, both screamers have some distinctive similarities between each other. At first, some listeners might not be able to even tell a difference at all. “Messengers” brings back some qualities that made “Thrill Seeker” so big. Qualities, such as the epic track, “The Eleventh Hour”, which I compare to the also epic, “The Seventh Trumpet”. Each track does fairly well in having its own feel of originality, which is often hard for a metal/hardcore album to accomplish (especially for one as brutal as this). I think fans (will) agree that this sophomore attempt is a true success.

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