Album Review :
August Burns Red - Constellations

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Band: August Burns Red
Title: Constellations
Label: Solid State Records
Release Date: July 14, 2009
Review By: Stephen M

1.           Thirty And Seven
2.           Existence
3.           Ocean Of Apathy
4.           White Washed
5.           Marianas Trench
6.           The Escape Artist
7.           Indonesia
8.           Paradox
9.           Meridian
10.        Rationalist
11.        Meddler
12.        Crusades

“Constellations” is heavier, more technical, faster and more diverse than any August Burns Red album to come out yet. I was managing my expectations when August Burns Red announced “Constellations” because I loved “Messengers”, I didn’t know if they could pull it off twice in a row.  Well, call me Doubting Thomas, because they not only met my expectations they blew them out of the water. August Burns Red has progressed into one of the finest Metal bands today.

Jake has a very similar guttural scream that he did on “Messengers”, but with more range in “Constellations”. As you listen to this CD you will discover Jake’s talent and range and how it fits perfectly in with the metal riffs, solos, heart-pounding drums, and ABR’s signature breakdowns. Speaking of the breakdowns, they are faster and more complex than any previous ABR projects. I found myself being captured by the breakdowns, they are catchy, groovy and just flat out epic. Through out “Constellations” you will be surprised and excited by the diversity this band offers, especially in the building up of a song. And speaking of building up, that is one thing August Burns Red has perfected – the art of climax. They do this by creating a series of unexpected events – they will tone the tempo of a song down, throw in piano, bring out a guitar melting solo, and yes, they will even sing. That is why this is August Burns Red’s most diverse and most promising album to date.

On the lyrical side of life, it seems as though ABR has brought it up a notch – each song is poetic and uses analogies and metaphors to describe an experience or a struggle we face daily. An example of this is from the song “Thirty and Seven”. “What will you become, what will become of you.  Your mind is the mountain before you.  You’ve reached the summit, now transcend the skies.” From the song “The Escape Artist” there is a line Jake screams “your mouth is like a grenade”. These are just a couple of examples to whet your appetite. 🙂

“Metal” has been assaulted by a variety of variations over the year, but one thing ABR does that no other band has is keeping “Metal” original and not falling in with the fad that has seemed to take over the metal genre. Know this:   August Burns Red has created an Epic piece of music that will take metal to a whole new level. You will not be disappointed.