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Atrocities - Demo

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Artist: Atrocities
Title: Demo
Label: unsigned
Release Date: 1/1/15
Reviewer: Scott Swan



  1. Pride (feat Alex Gutzmer)
  2. Flawed
  3. Framework


From Fargo, North Dakota, Atrocities brings an energetic, robust hardcore sound into this short, but power packed three song demo. In less than eight minutes, the band even manages to have a running theme. Clearly inspired by ‘Miracle,’ a film about the 1980 US Hockey team, who with a squad of amateurs defeated the mighty Russians in what many still consider the greatest upset in sports history. 

With the opening line, “This cannot be a team of common men, because common men go nowhere. You have to be uncommon,” the first tune, “Pride” takes off in a fury of heavy guitars laced with a catchy groove. Lead vocalist Matt Orr provides the screams that match the depth of the sound in emphatic form. Lyrically focusing on the war that rages between our pride and God’s will, pleading to “Rip this pride from my heart, tear it to shreds.” Featuring Alex Gutzmer from Colossus, this is a solid tune that really shows the bands potential.

“Flawed” brings a nice mixing of tempos to this blazing, flash of a song. Quoting Isaiah 40:8, the tune looks into the heart of man, asking God to give enlightenment and “clear these blurred lines.” You really get a good sense of the song’s urgent nature when Orr screams “Set me Free!”

Some tough words for the church, that seem to stem from a bad personal experience on the final track, “Framework:”  Lyrics set the frustrated tone here: “She gave her life to Christ/Only to be cast out by the crooked mind that claims a false life of faith.” Intertwined with this theme, is another quote from ‘Miracle’ were coach Herb Brooks (played by Kirk Russell) implores his group to “start becoming a team right now!” 

Overall: Even with this short sampling of music, you can still get a good feel for this band’s passion. The music as a whole is well done, carrying the strong emotions that run through the EP. The production is not demo sounding in the least, yet still leaves room for the necessary rawness the style demands. I will certainly be keeping an eye out for any future projects these guys may offer.(Note: you can download this via their Bandcamp page with the “name your own price” option below)

RIYL: Household, Revivalist, Colossus