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As I Lay Dying - An Ocean Between Us

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Band: As I Lay Dying
Title: An Ocean Between Us
Label: Metal Blade
Review By: JoshIVM


01. Separation
02. Nothing
03. An Ocean Between Us
04. Within Destruction
05. Forsaken
06. Comfort Betrays
07. I Never Wanted
08. Bury Us All
09. The South Of Truth
010. Departed
11. Wrath Upon Ourselves
12. This Is Who We Are


Tim Lambesis: Vocals
Nick Hipa: Guitar
Jordan Mancino: Drums
Phil Sgrosso: Guitar
Josh Gilbert: Bass, Vocals

I must first say that As I Lay Dying have been one of my favorite metal bands in the past few years. I have their old Pluto Records releases but they were just good back then. They have matured and improved immensely since that point in time and An Ocean Between Us proves to be their best yet.

The opener “Separation” is a great track that slowly draws you in before unleashing all they have prepared. “Nothing Left” proves the band has held true and delivered a faster and heavier record. Every metal band says that but many do not deliver, but AILD has. They quickly prove why they are one of the premiere bands in the metal game right now. Both the guitar work and rhythm sections work steadily throughout. Jordan’s drumming is relentless as usual. The guitar combination has improved and they show off a better writing style in this album. “Within Destruction” speeds things up even more for some straight up thrash. Shred away! This is what we need more of. They pay homage to the past metal masters while making the song their own. The machine gun drums will destroy your speakers if you get too crazy with the volume. The rhythm guitar portions of this song are great. Just a steady chugging that you will undoubtedly be bobbing your head along too. There is a short relief in the middle portion of the track before things intensify yet again. “Forsaken” is another standout track and once again sees the band keeping the pace up. There is more guitarwork in this tracks as the guitarists answer each other back and forth. The addition of the new bass player Josh was a smart one. His clean vocals fit in perfectly with Tim’s vocals and are only used when necessary. The build up at the end with the combination of vocalists here is great! “I Never Wanted” is a slower song with more of a melodic feel to the music. It is still heavy and is placed perfectly in the album to give listeners a break.

Overall Rating: The band has improved in nearly everything and have created a must have album! I didn’t find any weak tracks on the album that I simply pass by. Definitely one of the top metal releases of 2007 and hands down the best of their career! (10/10)

Standout Tracks: “Forsaken”, “Comfort Betrays”, “On Ocean Between Us”

Metal Blade

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