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And Then There Were None - Who Speaks For Planet Earth?

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Band: And Then There Were None
Title: Who Speaks For Planet Earth?
Label: Tooth And Nail Records
Release Date: 2/24/2009
Review By: Chris W.

1. Murmurs Of…
2. John Orr The Arsonists
3. The Hospital
4. Reinventing Robert Cohn
5.  Action Is The Anecdote
6. The Atmosphere
7. Cloak And Dagger
8. Right Here Waiting
9. Bed Of Nails
10. Thank The Watchmaker
11. The Alamo
12. Insozzz…

Generic? Check. Unoriginal? Check. A whole crap-ton of dance fun? Check Check Check! Say what you will, this album is a lot of fun, and blows just about every other dance or electro pop album recently release away.  Will this band be popular with the tween crowd? Most definitely, but do not let that stop you from buying this album. Because if nothing else it’s a lot of fun to listen to.

And Then There Were None has to have the most bored guitarists ever, they pretty much stick to playing rythym. The same could be said for the drummer, since most of the songs stick to the standard techno/trance 4 count beat with some accents from either the drummer or a drum machine. The synths are very euro-techno in sound and are reminiscent of artists like Basshunter or Darude.  They use  their fair amount of auto-tune and vocoder as most electronic acts do.  Despite all these generic qualities, the band has still managed to put out a good album that I simply cannot stop listening to.

There are twelve tracks, one is an intro track consisting of radio sounds and transmission noises, and one is a well done cover of Richard Marx’s Right Here Waiting. It’s nice to see a band putting out a good ten songs on an album as opposed to the recent trend of having an intro, outro, interlude track.


This is no groundbreaking material, however it is a total blast to listen to and I can’t get enough. Don’t let any thoughts of being generic stop you from checking this release out. Dance your hearts out because in the end who cares if you listened to  a electro-pop album as long as you enjoyed it.

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