Album Review :
And By Love - Patience EP

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Band: And By Love
Title: Patience EP
Label: None
Release Date: June 12th, 2010
Reviewer: Otto G.


  1. Changes
  2. Bad Man
  3. My Apologies
  4. Collide
  5. Patience
  6. The Resolute

Find new bands is my hobbie, but is completely rare when I find a band of this genre, as I said in my first review, most of the time I find Metalcore and Post Hardcore (both are over-saturated scenes)  but when I have more luck when I’m prowling  for a new talent I find a band like this.

And By Love Is a four piece band out of  Fayetteville, North Carolina, is not easy to designate a genre for their music : it sounds like aggressive Indi e Rock at times,  sometimes it sound like Emo Rock and believe me  in some cases their music sounds like a bit of Pop Punk, if we speak of Musical influence I’ve catched some bands such as Further Seems Forever, As Cities Burn, Terminal and Ivoryline, but to be honest, I don’t know if those bands that  I listed are really their musical influences.

Musically they are incredible and talented guys, the vocal harmonies fits perfect with all guitar riffs, if we speak of songs (instruments and vocals) sometimes they are kinda melancholic, sometimes happy  or unpredictable, it would be for their musical influence as I said above and it makes me wonder:  Melancholy = Further Seems Forever (or any Emo band they have as their influence) take a listen to “My apologies” and you will see what I’m talking about, because it reminds me  some songs of “The Moon Is Down”,unpredictable = As Cities Burn ( listen to the first song and you will hear what I’m talking about) , Happiness= any band of Pop Punk (No matter their names).

Speaking of lyrics the album begins with a track entitled  Changes wich speaks about some times when we are pretending to be another person that we aren’t, in some lines it says: “I’m lying to myself pretending you were someone else hoping I’m not just another broken heart placed upon your shelf/look inside yourself and show me who you think you are then go find yourself if you’d ever will to go that far”. The second track entitled Badman wich speaks about the time when we were so far from God ,when we were lost,  but at the same time it speaks about the repentance we felt in that moment, in some lines it says: “Honestly I’ve been a bad bad man but honestly I’m ashamed of my own hands lord but I’ve forgotten where i stand I pray to be forgive cause honestly I’ve  been a bad bad man”. The fourth track entitled Collide is the most romantic track  in the album, it speaks about a boy who found a perfect girl who completes him, consider these lines: “I finally found my place and its right here next to you well i don’t see what you see when you look at me all i know this is made to be girl you make me such/like the sea girl I’m lost inside your love no one can save me it’s where I wanna be”.

Is really hard to choose,  if you ask me which is my favorite track, because I love all of them, but If I had to choose just one, there is no doubt that I would select “Changes” because I love  its message and musical ensemble ; but trust in me, as I said, all the tracks in this EP are gems !!

Overall: If you are into the music of bands such as Terminal, As Cities Burn or ShyforShy, definitely you should check this band out, Christian people should take attention of their lyrics because they are spiritually deep and positive, on the other hand I look forward to see this band in a great label, by the way don’t be afraid if you see them in one of the mainstream labels in the near future.