Album Review :
An Early Ending - Bloodlines

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Band: An Early Ending
Title: Bloodlines
Label: CI Records
Release Date: October 13, 2009
Reviewer: Joshua


01. Reborn
02. We’re Coming For You
03. Bloodlines
04. Harder To Be
05. The Storm
06. Angels
07. Rooftops
08. All I See Is Hate
09. The Truth
10. Saints
11. What Makes Me Breath
12. Harder To Be (acoustic)

An Early Ending is a pretty young band who had the idea of starting a band while they were in high school. While previously releasing a 4 song EP, on October 13, 2009 their debut was released on CI Records. I had randomly come across these guys’ Myspace page and listened to just one song and I was really impressed. So I decided I would purchase their album and wow it is one impressive album, making a fine debut release for a new melodic metal band!

The album starts off with a 30 second intro track that is typical on numerous albums. There really isn’t much to it except some light drumming and then some distortion building up, so I guess it does its job as an intro track for the next song which should have just been combined together.

“We ‘re Coming For You” starts off with a guttural scream with the lead vocalist screaming “WE COME FOR YOU!!” which kicks in with pounding drums and killer guitar riffs. This keeps up through the song with the rough screams and clean vocals trading off through the song. The clean vocals through the whole album are excellent and the screams while not as strong as the clean vocals are at least above average and really help add to the songs. As well as a nice little guitar solo towards the end of the song. This formula goes throughout pretty much all the album but An Early Ending executes it well.

The title track comes pounding in next keeping a heavier tone and gruffer vocals through most the song. With strong vocals from the lead vocalist as well as some support from one of the two guitarists there is a real nice vocal atmosphere. Catchy vocals come in during the chorus and are fun to sing along to.

“Harder To Be” is one of my favorite songs off of this album offering some nice lyrics like

But it’s getting hard to be/ Everything you want from me/ I’ll sail across the sea/ I’m feeling somewhat incomplete/ and with my conviction I’ll flee

I take it as they are talking about the  reality about life and what Christ wants from us and how sometimes it is hard to accept both of those things. This song has a really catchy chorus which goes well with the heavy music.

I really enjoyed both “The Storm” and “Angels” with some screaming present but then goes into very catchy choruses that makes it hard not to enjoy singing along.

Then comes “Rooftops”, “All I See is Hate”, “Saints”, and “What Makes Me Breath” and not much else can be said separately about each one except that they still have the catchy choruses, heavy musical parts, alternate clean vocals and screams. Each of these songs including all the previous ones all either have a nice guitar riff, drum fill, or just a nice heavy music breakdown. It will make you notice how many of the songs run together but they do each have something interesting about them and the band throws in tasty guitar riffs or drumming patterns to keep your interest.

Now the two songs on the album that change things up a bit is first “The Truth” which totally strips things down to an acoustic guitar, a light drum background, and just a very soft musical background. This is one of the only two songs to offer absolutely no screaming through the song. And it is simply beautiful the acoustic-stripped down feel with the heartfelt vocals drive this song with the poetic lyrics:

I’m beginning to/understand the road in front of me/ and I know in the end/ you will finally see/ the beauty around/ I’ll keep you safe and sound/ Do you realize the truth?/ I can’t save you.

Definitely a highlight of the album since things only slow down one other time and its hard to beat a well done ballad that seems even better surrounded by the intensity of the rest of the album.

“Saints” and “What Makes Me Breath” both pick up the tempo and heaviness for two more songs before dropping into the last track and the only other song that strips things down, which is “Harder To Be (Acoustic)”. The normal version earlier on in the album has the heavy guitars, powerful drums, and rough vocals. The acoustic version slows it down and well you guessed is an acoustic take on the song. It kind of reminds you of “The Truth” with the musical sound and soft calming voices. But this song also sounds beautiful and the acoustic guitar part throughout the song is awesome!

Overall: This band shows a lot of maturity and talent for such a young band. They fit right in with any other  melodic-metal or metalcore band and are just as skilled as any other. The only issue with that is they do sound the same, but the difference is while this is simple and familiar it is done extremely well and is a really enjoyable album. I love heavy rock and metal albums and this has been a favorite of mine to listen to lately. So if you want a different metal band that is fresh and offers a really catchy, heavy, enjoyable sound An Early Ending is a really talented new band I recommend looking into.