Album Review :
Addison Road - Stories

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Band: Addison Road
Title: Stories
Label: INO Records
Release Date: June 22, 2010
Review By: Steve
Track Listing:
1. Fight Another Day
2. Change In The Making
3. This Little Light Of Mine
4. Won’t Let Me Go
5. Need You Now
6. Show Me Life
7. Don’t Wait
8. Where It All Begins
9. Who I Am In You
10. My Story

In an effort to diversify my music library and to cleanse my heavy metal pallet, I started listening to a great pop/rock band out of Texas called Addison Road. Most of you have heard of this female fronted band after their very successful self titled debut album in 2008. I usually do not listen to much CCM but in this case, I really enjoy Addison Road. I have had the pleasure of seeing them live twice over the past few years, and they put on an excellent show. Granted, there are not bodies flying around and kids hardcore two-stepping, but nonetheless, the show is still top notch.

What I have always liked about Addison Road is their uplifting positive message that resonates with listeners. They write songs about life’s everyday struggles, how they can interrupt and hassle our routine lives so much, yet, at the end of it all, God is there with us every step of the way. My favorite songs on Stories are “Won’t Let Me Go,” “Need You Now,” and “Don’t Wait.”

“Won’t Let Me Go” is a great song about what I mentioned above regarding how the trials and hardships of life come and knock us down, yet Christ is there to help us through it all. This song is also set to an upbeat tempo with a great bass line and; overall, it is a great song.

“Need You Now” is a song I can really identify with. It discusses how we struggle through life trying to create our own opportunities and make life go on our own, but we cannot do it without God. Jenny says it best, I’ve been trying to win / Trying to fend for myself way too long / Living in doubt, living without, I’ve been so alone / I know that I need you, and I know that I need you now / I was wasting my time trying to find / Something real for my soul / And now that I’m here, you’re making it clear / I’m not my own / I know that I need you, and I know that I need you now.”

“Don’t Wait” is an odd song because it is an upbeat synth song about losing a loved one. However, the song has a great message about how we cannot wait on decisions related to our eternal salvation. “We’re not indestructible / Our lives are unpredictable / It can turn on a dime / So now is the time / So don’t wait / Don’t wait/ Gotta live today / Gotta live today / Don’t wait”

Overall: this is an excellent sophomore effort from a band that is going to be around for a long time. If you like a mixture of heartfelt ballads and upbeat songs then this is the band and the album for you. Addison Road has an uncanny ability to take identify with the struggles we all go through and show us that God is with us in all of it.