Album Review :
Above The Golden State - The Golden Rule EP

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Band: Above The Golden State
Title: The Golden Rule
Label: Sparrow Records
Release Date: January 26, 2010
Review By: Steve
Track Listing:
1. The Golden Rule
2. Chance To Love
3. I Am Loved
4. Real You
5. Teach Us
6. Tragedy

Above the Golden State is a three-piece soft rock band out of Portland, Oregon. The Golden Rule is a six-song follow up EP to their 2008 debut self-titled full-length album. The album has a soft praise and worship feel to it. The EP starts with the title track “The Golden Rule” that has a 1990s Weezer feel to it. It also has a little comedy thrown in, “If you listened to the chorus, you don’t need a second verse, and if you missed it, good, you’re honest; I’ll repeat what I said first, and I’ll keep singing the same thing over so you can’t forget the words.”

Where the first album mixed some different sounds in the album, The Golden Rule has more passion built into it. Consequently, it is a very uplifting album. Because the first album mixed up some sounds it had a fun feel to it, whereas this is a lot more serious and soft album except for two songs, “The Golden Rule” and “Real You.” “Real You” has a little bit of energy and reminds me of the fun they had on the first album. I was a little disappointed that the album was only a six-song EP. I could not help but feel that the EP had an incomplete feel to it. I enjoyed their first album and the fun atmosphere that was encapsulated in it. This is a good album but I am not sure if this is the direction I would have guessed they would have taken.

Overall: This is a solid but somewhat incomplete second act for a good band; however, if you were a fan of their first album then you will definitely like this album. In addition, if you are looking for some uplifting up lifting album with some catchy hooks then this is an album you should definitely check this album.