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A Plea For Purging "A Critique Of Mind And Thought"

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Band: A Plea For Purging
Title: A Critique Of Mind And Thought
Label: Facedown
Review By: JoshIVM


01. Sons Of Vipers, How Will You Escape The Judgment Of Hell
02. While The Sparrow Sleeps
03. The Slaying Of The Serpentine Dragon
04. The Betrayers
05. Perseverance
06. Resurrection Of The Beast
07. A Hymn Of Praise
08. Death Has Been Swallowed Up In Victory
09. Everything And Nothing
10. Turn It Down


Andy: Vocals
John: Bass
Blake: Guitar
Lyle: Guitar
Aaron: Drums

Let there be shred! A Plea For Purging from the Nashville, TN area have unleashed their debut on Facedown Records. These guys will be lumped into the metalcore genre for sure but they are definitely metal at heart. There is plenty of guitar shredding for the more inclined to metal and plenty of breakdowns for those that enjoy that side of things as well. I’d actually like to see more of a metal sound from them but I’m not sure Andy’s vocals would fit, although I think they could pull off a sound like God Forbid.

When “Sons Of Vipers” starts you expect the album to be yet another breakdown filled metalcore disc but they soon shed that persona. I must say that this first breakdown is one of the better ones on the disc and a great way to start the album! “The Slaying Of The Serpentine Dragon” rips in with some sweet harmonizing guitar work between the dueling guitarists. At the 1 minute range they lost all the momentum they had for some riffage, which then gives way to a thunderous breakdown. That’s my main complaint in the album is there are some parts which I just don’t like at all and don’t seem to fit and others that I thoroughly enjoy. Those small parts really hurt the listening experience for me though. I really enjoy “The Betrayers” from the mid section on with it’s heavy guitar work and the solo there fits superbly here!

Overall Rating: This album took me many listens to really get into it. I think I was hoping for more on their label debut. While it is a good album and has some amazing parts to it, I just feel overall it was disconnected and didn’t flow as well as I’d hoped. Definitely am looking forward to seeing the band live, which I hear is quite the show! I hope upon continuing to listen I will come to enjoy this album more. (7.5/10)

Standout Tracks: “The Slaying Of The Serpentine Dragon”, “The Betrayers”


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