Album Review :
New Heights - Starting Again

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Band: New Heights

Title: Starting Again

Label: N/A

Release Date: 2009

Review By: Scott L


  1. Starting Again
  2. You Felt It All
  3. Everything To Me
  4. Over My Head
  5. Love Found Me

It’s not easy to live up to a name like New Heights. It just invites a constant sense of expectancy. But rest assured, this time out… the name says it all.

New Heights is a 3-piece out of the Seattle area that has, for all intents and purposes, reinvented themselves. At least in my ever so humble opinion. It’s not so much a night and day musical makeover, as it is a total overhaul from the inside out. They’re catchier. More meaningful. More fluid. They’ve found their stride and are pushing forward with confidence and grace. The songs have a great feel to them. These aren’t just so much scribbling on a Seattle’s Best napkin… these are the result of a deep sense of purpose and introspection.

Stylistically, New Heights does just what the EP title promises… they start over. Maybe not from scratch, but the new direction is fresh and vibrant. It’s pop rock along the lines of Brightwood, The Boy And His Machine, or Last Year Portrait. The sound is tailored to the listening ear with a gentle caress that easily carries a sharp spiritual truth.

Speaking of sharp spiritual truths, the lyrics on this 5-song EP really hit home. The messages are positive and at times very worshipful. Gone are the vague generalities and in their place are heartfelt anthems of hope and faith. Consider the song “You Felt It All” which says, “savior / please / I know I deserve the fate that meets us all / I am weak / I fail easily / I can’t stand on my own / You came and took my place / You felt it all / You died / You gave Your life / for me You felt it all / You felt it all / oh, Your love that beats in my heart / through walls of fear and shame / I am Yours”. Yeah, that’s what I thought you’d think. Good stuff, huh?

The standout track was the EP opener and title track “Starting Again”. Much like their last release, New Heights just has a knack for jumping out of the gate with flair. “Over My Head” was right up there too, but in a much more subtle way. It’s the track on the EP that you realize you’re humming the chorus to about a week after listening to it.

Overall: New Heights has again put out a quality release. This time they truly kick things up a notch in every conceivable way. I liked their last EP… but I loved this one.