Zane Vickery Funding New Album - Check Out a Preview!

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Zane Vickery’s latest EP came during a difficult period in my life where I personally found myself spiritually, physically, and emotionally exhausted. His words were thoughtful, provocative, and encouraging all the same – yet never denying the things we hold in tension as believers in a broken world. It was like the words of a comforting friend who was okay to share in my suffering but didn’t simply want me to stay there.

Now, on the other side of literal life-changing car crash, Zane is working on a full-length album about grief, recovery, and faith. His songs were already incredibly genuine, but I’m sure no corners will be cut when it comes to a songwriting lens birthed from a near-death experience. You can support the campaign here. Check out a clip of a new song below and tell a friend.


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