Times of Grace start Recording for Sophomore album

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Times of Grace, the metalcore side project of Killswitch Engage, have begun working on their sophomore album. Jesse Leach, the vocalist of the project, has begun demoing vocals out for their next endeavor. Many people thought of Killswitch Engage as a Christian act, which it is not, but if fans of that band are looking for a more faith centered project, Times of Grace is your band. Go check out “Strength In Numbers” and the rest of the previous album, released through Roadrunner Records.

Time to reopen old wounds and sit with current ones. This album is going to be everything but easy to extract out of my soul. In fact I've been quite anxious to begin demoing it. My home studio set up is just about complete so no more excuses and no more procrastinating. Adam D has truly outdone himself with these new Times of Grace Demos! I just hope when all is said and done I can do some justice to their sonic beauty and soul. Over all it's a much darker more desolate sound and I plan on bleeding my words all over these songs. It won't be what your expecting I can tell you that, but I couldn't be more excited and challenged by the direction and ambience of this music. Demoing begins and your patience (if you are a fan) will pay off in the not to distant future. #TimesOfGrace #Demos #SoulMusic #WritersLife #Raw #Dark #Foreboding #BleedForIt

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Mark K
Mark K
July 19, 2017 7:10 pm

Interesting. Jesse said this would be bluesy, atmospheric, less “thrash” and less screaming in an interview last year. He said it was supposed to me much different than than the debut and Killswitch. I’ll have to listen before I go in. I thought the debut was the best thing he and Adam ever did.

July 19, 2017 10:34 am


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