Song of the Day: Vaakevandring - Some Day

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This Norwegian band formed in 1999, and sadly by 2007 had called it quits. Hailing from Nannestad, just outside Oslo, they played a formed of atmospheric BM that appealed to many who heard them. While their lifespan was short, their impact was huge. You can still read accolades from fans on music-related social media pages, and band members have also been associated with a number of other, more well-known bands including Antestor, Frosthardr, and Grave Declaration.

“Some Day” is taken from their 3-song self-titled demo CD, which was also re-issued a few years later by Momentum Scandinavium with an extra song as Vaakevandring. All of the band’s material is difficult to obtain, but worth the effort!

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August 5, 2022 7:41 pm

Funny coincidence here- when you posted this I went online and checked out the music and enjoyed it. I’m housing sitting for some family friends currently. Tonight I noticed a big book of cd’s on a desk. I looked through them and lo and behold one of the discs was the 3 song cd. How cool is that!!

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