Song of the Day: Flaskavsae - Throne Room (Or Judgement Hall)

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When it comes to black metal, true fans will generally argue that the more raw, the better. And the more underground too. And there’s not much more rare, raw, and underground than Flaskavsae. The band was spearheaded by the mysterious “E” and most of their releases were in limited runs of a few hundred copies. I happened across the band when I was running a distro about 15 years ago specializing in underground metal, hardcore and indie rock (among other things).

Their sound, though bleak, brings in bits of atmospheric layers, and at times, downright noisy textures. And while a hallmark of black metal is normally its high speed tempo, Flaskavsae often operated outside of such confines. For instance, our chosen track is slow and steady–almost at a doomy or sludgy speed but with the cold sonic palate characteristic of black metal.

While their releases are incredibly difficult to track down, it’s worth the effort, and you can find a few things here and there if you are patient, and know where to look! Fortunately, their entire discography has also been uploaded into YouTube.

Today’s Song of the Day comes from their album Two Pillars, released by E.E.E. Recordings.

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Timo Cuoco
October 23, 2020 6:37 am
Bandcamp has the whole discog in one release

Jared S.
Jared S.
October 25, 2020 7:37 am

Wow. Thanks for the recommendation.

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