Song of the Day: Den S - New Space

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Dennis Childers has deep connections to the Christian indie scene, going all the way back to the 1980s and Flock 14, the most excellent new wave band he played in at the time. However, when Flock 14 morphed into World Theatre, Dennis went underground/disappeared and not much was heard from him musically save for a few album credits here and there.

Nate from Destroy Nate Allen/Good Saint Nathanael got in touch this week to let me know that Dennis had a new album dropping–literally just 2 days ago. The 7-song mini-album is comprised entirely of instrumentals ranging from 8-bit sounding video game soundtrack tunes to some lounge jazz. It’s a very pleasnt–if slightly off-kilter–listen.

“New Space” starts off with a dense/sparse synthesizer riff that leads you to believe you’re in for some ambient techno (a la Bubblebaby or Aphex Twin), but then comes the deliberately cheesy sounding synthesized bass line, giving it that 80s/90s video game soundtrack field. This track could totally fit one of those quest-type games where your character is looking for treasure, but has to fight trolls and goblins along the way.

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September 2, 2022 9:57 pm

Thanks for the write up! Taking some vacation days helped me to finally publish this album

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