Song of the Day: Corey Crowder - Learning to Let Go

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Last week, over at the IVM discussion group on Facebook, a conversation ensued about indie labels within the Christian music scene. Mono vs. Stereo was mentioned, and I commented about their impressive 2005 compilation, The Revolution Will Begin in the Blink of an Eye Vol. 2. One of the artists I enjoyed most on this CD was A Farewell to Arms, who later went by his personal name, Corey Crowder. Currently, it looks like Crowder is more involved in the country music scene as a producer/songwriter, rather than focusing on his work as a solo artist. He released an album on Tooth & Nail in 2008, Gold and the Sand, but has three independent recordings to his name as well (not including his work as A Farewell to Arms). The title track from his 2005 album, Learning to Let Go, is arguably one of his best.

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