New Releases: May 24, 2019

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Hip Hop


Southern Gospel


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3 Comments on "New Releases: May 24, 2019"

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Phil metalhed

Noa, can we get otha linx besides spotify? Not all of us use dat crap, lol. I think direct linx 2 band sites or even itunes wud b beta.

Noah Hardwick

I’d love to offer links to iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon, and Bandcamp (when available), I just don’t have the time to track them all down. The only reason I link to Spotify is I use their release tracker to keep up with new music. When I cut and paste it includes the links the Spotify automatically. I could always strip the post of all linking before posting so IVM doesn’t favor any one service, but that seemed like extra step with little added value for anyone.

Phil metalhed

Ok den, thanx 4 da xplanation, at least. I wil just hafta deal wit it, lol.