LEDGES Convenience

LEDGES' "Convenience" is a Showcase of Glimmering Indie

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Ohio may have garnered unanimous hatred by fellow midwestern states, but we mustn’t forget that even a broken clock is right twice a day. Akron-based LEDGESHomecoming was a highlight album of 2017 that we unfortunately discovered a bit too late. The band has been a bit quiet since then, but a stream of single has been promising. This time around, the band has an expanded cast of contributors which lends naturally to a change in sound, albeit subtle. “Convenience” is melodic and energetic, though it still has certain serenity nonetheless. LEDGES’ seems to the straddle the fringes of post-rock rock, with shimmering guitars and a variety of pedals creating a wall-of-sound crescendo. Of course, the rhythm section is just as crucial: the bass is punchy, and the drums are tight and unobtrusive. Lyrically, the track speaks about the doubt we face when friends, family, and lovers leave us and the inevitable question of if the relationship was truly ever real.

LEDGES have more music in the works, but until then, listen to “Convenience” below and check out their back catalog as well.

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Casey bendisiones tell me ledges are Chris tian band


Ledges are christian ?