Kevin Schlereth to Release "Alembic" Collaboration 8/11

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Kevin Schlereth has become a bit of a household (or more appropriately, house show) name over the past couple years due to his relentless touring, his intimate songs, and his community-based approach to music.

Alembic, an archaic word referring two connected vessels, is an appropriate title for this forthcoming collection of songs. This time, Schlereth and friends have paired their art with six paintings by Danielle Monzelowsky. The creators had this to say:

Alembic is a cooperative art and music project between Danielle Monzelowsky and Kevin Schlereth.
With Alembic, we sought to explore the distilling nature of art and how that process might be enhanced by purposefully sending art through two filters. Some pieces began as songs, others as paintings, with the intention of seeing how the message might be refined in the process.
We believe all art originates from the God of creation, and with Alembic we aim to marvel at the resilience of the Artist’s intent.

Schlereth is also vying for the lofty goal of one million streams of his songs this year. Thanks to dutiful listeners, he has surpassed several hundred thousand so far – if you’re interested in helping, simply stream any of his releases (we recommend Catechism to start) or consider joining the official Facebook group here.

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