Help Zane Vickery Hit His 50% Campaign Goal (4 Days Left!)

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Zane Vickery set out with an ambitious $15,000 goal for his new album, Mockingbird. The funding request largely came after he and his family incurred severe medical expenses from a near-fatal car crash last year. And while it seems unlikely he will hit the full goal in these final few days, if he raises at least 50%, he can begin recording. Factoring in other donations outside of the campaign, this leaves about $2000 left. Can we pull together and help him out? Check out the campaign here.

Musically, Zane embodies the same sort of mystical sense of wonder found on the Rabbit Room, alongside the more serious matters of faith and suffering like My Epic or Benjamin Daniel. His latest EP was easily one of my favorite releases last year and I’d love to see him at least be able to go into the studio with these new songs.

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